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How Speedy Site Works…

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Analyze your site
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Fix issues
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Test & Iterate
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Guaranteed Fast!

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Good Google Core Web Vitals Guaranteed!

We don’t just say we can speed up your site… we Guarantee it. 

If we don’t make your site faster receive a full refund! 

If the changes we implement and recommend don’t achieve all Good Core Web Vitals receive a full refund!

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What Our Clients Says

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How will Speedy Site Improve Your Site?

There are some of the standard steps we follow to speed up your site + additional tweaks.

With the Google Core Update related to site speed and Core Web Vitals now is the time to future proof your site.

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There is more to properly setting up Caching than just installing a plugin. Properly setting it to HTML, CSS & JS minification and lazy loading of images is key.

Database Optimization

If your site is not brand new then there is likely a lot of bloat in your databases. Cleaning up the databases helps your entire site run more smoothly.

Plugin Optimization

Removing unused plugins, consolidating plugins and even hard coding specific functions a plugin performs directly into the theme are all strategies to improve your site speed.

Image Optimization

A site without images would be pretty boring! We know high-quality images matter to your site and work to compress them without losing their impact.

Woocommerce optimization

Speeding up a woocommerce eCommerce store takes some experience. We can help eCommerce-focused woocommerce sites get faster ultimately improving conversion rates.

Code Cleanup

From 3rd party script optimization, bad 301 redirects to code tweak a poorly coded site can result in wasted hosting resources and a slowed-down site. We fix these issues to speed up your site.

Ready to Speed up your site?

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Our Guaranteed Speed Service Simple Pricing

Below is our standard offering that works for 90%+ WordPress Websites. If you have a highly customized WordPress Site with ads please reach out. Remember we are the only service that Guarantees Green Core Web Vitals.

  • Standard
  • $299

    one time

  •   Minify HTML, JS and CSS
  •   Combine JS and CSS files
  •   Advanced Image Compression
  •   Enable Compression
  •   SSL Configuration Check & Fix
  •   Custom youtube video optimization
  •   CDN Configuration Check & Fix
  •   Defer Javascript parsing