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Improve Your Site Speed and Core Web Vitals With Our WordPress Speed Optimization Service.

How Speed Optimization Service Progress On Speedy Site

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Analyze your site
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Fix issues
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Test & Iterate
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Guaranteed Fast!

Own sites with Ads and page builders? Please Contact US on the live chat or email [email protected] before placing an order. Now you can convert pages built with page builders into pages build with Gutenberg Editor for better performance and closely similar design.

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Achieve Good Google Core Web Vitals!

We don’t just say we can speed up your site… we Guarantee it. 

If we don’t make your site faster receive a full refund! 

If the changes we implement and recommend don’t achieve all Good Core Web Vitals receive a full refund!

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How Our Service will Improve Your Site?

We follow these standard steps to every site we receive to optimize. Our developers take a full site backup before starting any optimization work.

All the changes made to your site are noted in a log file and delivered to you with additional recommendations and long-term assistance even after the service ends.

Below we have added a demo test result performed on the Google page speed insight tool. We try our best to provide you the best output without hindering the functionality of your site.

standard PSI record
Mobile PSI test
Desktop PSI test


There is more to properly setting up Caching than just installing a plugin. Properly setting it to HTML, CSS & JS minification and lazy loading of images is key.

Database Optimization

If your site is not brand new then there is likely a lot of bloat in your databases. Cleaning up the databases helps your entire site run more smoothly.

Plugin Optimization

Removing unused plugins, consolidating plugins and even hard coding specific functions a plugin performs directly into the theme are all strategies to improve your site speed.

Image Optimization

A site without images would be pretty boring! We know high-quality images matter to your site and work to compress them without losing their impact.

Woocommerce optimization

Speeding up a woocommerce eCommerce store takes some experience. We can help eCommerce-focused woocommerce sites get faster ultimately improving conversion rates.

Page Re-design (Optional)

If you think page builders are killing your site speed, with Speedy Site you have the option to off-load page builders and replicate the similar design with Gutenberg editor.

Our Speed Optimization & Page Conversion Service Offers Simple Pricing

Speed Optimization Service

$299 349

Our standard offering is a one-time price & works for all WordPress sites

  • 30-day money back guarantee

Starter includes:

  • Minify HTML, JS and CSS
  • Optimize JS and CSS files
  • Advanced Image Compression
  • SSL Configuration
  • Youtube video optimization
  • CDN Configuration Check & Fix
  • Optimize Javascript parsing

Page Builder to Gutenberg

$10 per page

Our standard offering is a one-time price & works for all WordPress sites

  • 30-day money back guarantee

Starter includes:

  • Backup original design
  • Remove unwanted page builder
  • Replicate original design using Gutenberg editor
  • Use lightweight Assets
  • Multiple speed tests

Plus you get:

  • Custom pricing table (if applies)
  • Long -term Assistant