10 Best WordPress Social Media Feed Plugin

After building a website, you need to boost the website’s traffic. So basically you will go for social media sharing. Well, you just have to install the best social media feed plugins which help to make your site flexible for surging.

However, the Plugin’s ability can be measured by its performance on the site’s load time. Sometimes bloggers face load time issues because the site has to load-scripts. That may slow down the load time.

The importance of selecting the best WordPress social media feed plugins is to make site user-friendly. Because your site’s impression depends on the performance and theme.


Even though the plugin provides advanced features and effective themes, it becomes useless if it slows down the site. That’s why we are mentioning some of the WordPress social media feed plugins.

The plugins will even maintain your site’s performance and make it user-friendly.

Best WordPress social media feed Plugin

Social media is one of the important parts when it comes to marketing. To achieve your desired goals you will prefer to explore your WordPress site on social media for sure.

If you are a WordPress user, then these are the best and effective WordPress social media feed plugins. Because it is essential that your site’s content reaches the targeted traffic.

1. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Smash Ballon social post feed is one of the best WordPress social media feed plugins. However, it focuses on Facebook feeds. It provides ease in displaying the Facebook feed on the website.

smash-WordPress social media feed plugins

You will have multiple customizable options that can suit the website’s look. You can simply set up the plugin without any facebook developer app.

Hence, it is easy to display feeds from any corner of Facebook. The multiple site styling options will give you flexible customizable options.

The plugin is crawlable which will make your site SEO friendly. That will help your content gets indexed on the search engine. That feature is the main ascendant feature of the plugin.

You just have to embed the shortcode of Facebook feed on your site and the work is done!. You can even set the caching time of posts.

However, the Pro version provides you with more advanced features like comment, like, share and reaction options. Even you will have multiple layout options and embed videos and photos also.

The Plugin requires a 3.0 or higher version of WordPress and a 5.2 or higher version of PHP.

2. Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

The Social media plugin provides multiple options for social media for sharing web content. You can choose the preferred social media platforms of your choice.


Well, the plugin offers many features for free however you will get additional features in premium. You can give animation to social media icons.

The pop-up style of the share icon will be also available. The social media plugin gives much more in the premium plugin such as multiple options of social networks, mobile optimization and many more.

You can even choose the desired design of a social media icon. The size and spacing of the social media icons can also be changed. The many ways are available to make users subscribe to the website.

Smallest choices are taken into consideration by Plugin. Hence, it is the best WordPress social media feed plugin for WordPress users.

The Plugin requires a 3.5 or higher version of WordPress for installation.

3. Feed Them Social 

Feed Them Social plugin is a very simple and easy WordPress social media feed plugins. The free plugin offers many features to display the feeds of social media on the website.


With the help of the shortcode generator, you can quickly make the shortcode of any feeds. However, it also provides the customize options in the free offer.

You can like, share and follow buttons for any social media icons. In the premium offer, you can set pictures, videos, and tweets of individual feeds.

They have all the style formats for Instagram feeds. Premium offers provide youtube feed popup.

The Feed Them Plugin requires a 3.6.0 or higher version of WordPress.

4. 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo feed is basically an Instagram feed. The multiple customize options are available for Instagram feeds.


You can display any Instagram feed easily by just a few settings. The photography blogs, travel blogs or any WordPress blog, the Plugin has an effective impact on social media feed.

The display views, styling feature and image lightbox effect are available to edit your feeds on the posts.  You can also customize the size and layout of images.

Using Shortcodes, you can easily embed the timelines on your post. The free plugin offers single feed on posts whereas, the premium plugin offers mixed feeds on posts.

The multiple options of themes provided by the plugin or you can also create your own in Premium. The premium plugin provides many more advanced features.

The plugin requires a 3.9 or higher version of WordPress and a 5.2 or higher version of PHP.

5. Social Media Share Button- Mashshares

The Social media plugin is one of the best WordPress social media feed plugins for bloggers. The plugin is highly customizable that means you will have multiple options to edit the feeds.


Even the plugin optimizes the web content of the site. It doesn’t have to load any scripts so loading time issues will not be there.

The plugin also measures the total counts of shares on different social media. YouTube video share popups and sticky share bars are available for flexible share options in the premium.

There are many features that are added recently such as keep the settings backup, SEO friendly, Extra content for slider subscribe forms.

However, you can also customize the description of social media share.

The plugin requires a 3.6 or higher WordPress version and a 5.2 or higher PHP version.

6. Blog2Social

Blog2Social Plugin is a social media auto-posting and scheduling plugin. The plugin automatically shares your web content on social media at the best time on each network you prefer.


You will have 14 different social network options for sharing your posts. You can customize your social media post with emoji, comments, and hashtags.

You can even share the links and posts from other networks. If you are searching for some advanced features for cross-promoting then you can go for the paid Premium plugin.

The Premium plugin offers the social media calendar with which you can track the shared post and schedule. There are other features such as social media auto-poster, content curation and many more.

That is really very easy to control over the schedule of shared posts. Hence, it is one of the most used WordPress social media feed plugins.

The plugin requires a 4.2.2 WordPress version and a 5.5.3 PHP version.

7. AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny Plugin is traffic surging plugin. The plugin ensures the engagement of users and high traffic on site.


It provides multiple social media sharing options to promote your web content. Many share buttons are available on it. That can be easily customizable as per your requirements. It includes a vector share button and a custom share button.

You can even display share counts with social media icons. The plugin has an integration with google analytics which gives easy tracking to your shared posts.

However, it supports multiple themes and networks which make easy marketing of your content. They also provide automatic AMP support for social media and SVG icons.

You can use any icon from anywhere with customizable sharing. Effectively provides the settings for floating share bars.

The plugin requires a 3.7 WordPress version and a 5.2 PHP version.

8. Social Sharing Buttons

Social Pug is one of the easiest WordPress social media feed plugins. Like other plugins, it also offers five biggest social media options.


The plugin’s customizable social share integrates well with your website’s layout. You can also put social counts with social media icons.

The floating sidebar helps you to place the social media icon anywhere before or after the content. Editing button labels are available to increase the engagement on your site.

However, the Premium plugin offers many advanced features. It includes Google Analytics tracking, mobile sticky footers.

The plugin requires a 3.1 or higher version of WordPress.

9. WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Sassy Social Share

Sassy social share plugin is also one of the popular WordPress social media feed plugins. It provides 100+ options for social networks and bookmarking services.

You can easily customize your social media icon and share counts without spending a penny. The caching time can also be controlled by the user.

The plugin also provides mobile optimization so you can make the mobile interface attractive. The URL shortening service and customizable URL can also be modified.

The plugin requires a 2.5.0 or higher version of WordPress.

10. Shareaholic

Shareaholic plugin is the best tool for audience growth and Engagement. The multiple tasks are available on one platform such as social sharing and ad monetization.


The plugin is SEO friendly plugin that has multiple tool integration which lets you free from slow down issue. You will have multiple theme support and URL shortening support.

Like other social share platforms, it also offers the vector share and follows buttons. However, google analytics integration is there to track all social media shared posts.

Moreover, it also offers additional features of monetization of the site and mobile optimization.

The plugin requires a 3.7 or higher WordPress version and a 5.2 or higher PHP version.


These WordPress social media feed plugins will maintain the site’s performance. The plugins are also SEO friendly which lets your site indexed on search engines.

The highly customizable social media plugins are supporting multiple platforms and integrations. That leads to the flexible functioning of the site.

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