Some Tips To Write The Perfect Blogs in 2023


Countless people aspire to be a good blogger. Numerous individuals have attempted on blog writing but unfortunately, their blogs have disappeared into nowhere with little to no results.

It just leaves many people disheartened. However, if you are someone who is all into blog writing and wish to become a good blogger and writing is their passion then you first need to know the way in which you can write top quality blogs.

This means knowing the tips and tricks to help you write blogs that are of the finest quality and have all the characteristics which might be present in a perfect blog.

Whenever you intend on writing a blog, the best way is to first and foremost go through the tips and tricks which will aid in making your blogs interesting. Some of these tips to write the perfect blogs have been mentioned below.

#1. Start off with the description of your objective.

This one says that you must start off with a ‘’Why’’. Why you’re doing the blog, and what is the purpose of the blog. So the introduction should always be a description of the purpose of the blog. To make it short, you must put light on the topic of the blog in the very initial phase.

#2. Only write on the things you have the knowledge about.

Many bloggers nowadays have little to NO knowledge of their own. They tend to use the information sources to gather some bits about the topic that they might be talking about. For example, XYZ has to talk about ‘’How to improve website performance’’, but they do not know anything about how to do it or what is beneficial for the health of the hair and what isn’t, then it is just stupid and senseless to talk about the topic.

Sometimes, the information you might be gathering from external sources might not also be genuine which might end up back-shooting you. Therefore, the best thing is to save yourself from the embarrassment and be sure to talk about the topics that you can yourself talk about.

NOTE: This does not necessarily mean you cut-off the external sources for information, but having the basic know-how will be helpful for you in understanding the gathered information.

#3. It must be comprehensive

Blogs are supposed to be all clear and understandable. Whatever you intend on describing in your blog, must be clear so every person can read it without any difficulties.

#4. You must not make grammatical mistakes

Spelling mistakes, the use of slangs, going wrong with grammar and all are things which might be acceptable when you are chatting with someone. These things might go unnoticed in such cases but when it comes to writing an actual blog, you cannot expect yourself to make these mistakes and go unobserved. These mistakes are one of the things which will make your blog look super unattractive. You MUST try to avoid them as much as you can. Moreover, you can also use a grammar checking tool to help you with it and to save your time. Which one? Refer to the text below. 


Although there is a long list of tools you can use to write top-quality blogs, the one that has been mentioned below is considered to be the most suitable. If you’re thinking about the reasons why that is so, refer to the text present below:

ProWritingAid: This grammar checking tool is a 3 in one. It is your writing mentor, as well as a grammar checker, and yes, a style editor as well. Grammatical correction is something that this tool is a pro at, but along with that, this tool gives you a suggestion of countless ways in which you can improve your readability.

Sometimes, you might produce grammatically absolutely correct articles, but your writing might be all awkward and you might have repeated the same thing, again and again, making it look all clumsy and uninteresting. This tool does not only see the spelling or grammar mistakes, but it goes through your complete blog to highlight those repetitive words, sentences that are too complicated to understand, imperfect words that can be replaced with better wording and so much more.

So it makes a kind of report. And in that report, it highlights all such things. Your grammar mistakes, your repeated words, your sentence lengths, the pronouns that you have used, the complex words that you have put into your blog, plagiarism and so much more. It ends up making a 25 writing report.

When it comes to the versions of this tool, there are 3 versions. One is free and the other two are the paid versions. The paid versions allow all 25 writing reports but the free one DOES NOT allow all 25 rather reduces the amount to 19.

However, it is one of the best because not only does it highlight your grammatical mistakes, but by suggesting different writing styles, it can make your blog look attractive and gather the attention of the reader who will not skip it in the middle rather read it till the end.

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