Does Submit URL To Google Without Signing In Works?

Submit URL to Google without signing in. This is a search query that I have found a few days ago in google auto-suggestion. According to the record provided by keywords everywhere, it has almost 1,600 searches per month.


There are two possible scenarios. Either, 1600 times per month people are looking for this query or they are following the auto-suggestion from google, like I found it, while actually looking for how to submit URL to Google.

Here is the report again:


The term, “submit URL to Google without signing in” is a little bit confusing. I was thinking about how someone can submit the URL or sitemap without signing into Google. Because the Google Webmaster tool doesn’t provide access to a user without signing in with his Google account.

This is very much similar to asking for “submit URL to Google without having an account“. Indeed it’s possible to submit URL without logging in every time to the webmaster tool. However, it doesn’t describe that submitting URL to Google without signing is possible!

This leads me to look for the interest a little bit more. When I decided to search for more details I found that previously (until 2017) it was possible to submit an URL to Google without signing in.

The Past Method Of Submitting URLs To Google Without Signing In

A few years ago, webmasters had an option for ‘submit URL to Google‘ directly from the Google search engine, where we search for our query nowadays. This was a notably quick process to submit URL right after the publication of posts or articles.

Here’s how people used to submit URL to Google without signing in, previously: (This method doesn’t work now)

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Search For Term “Submit URL to Google”.
  3. A new box appears “Have a new page! Let us know”.
  4. Copy and paste the post/page URL.
  5. Complete the captcha and Submit.

But this feature was closed in the middle of June 2017, according to the opinion of some users to an article that described the procedure of such submission.


Nevertheless, if you are looking for submitting post updates automatically without signing in to Webmaster every time, you can use the procedure I have added below. Remember that, this procedure works only for WordPress websites.

Submit URL to Google Without Signing In Every Time


This method is completely legal and should not cause any problem to your website. Almost all webmasters already know about it. The reason I’m mentioning here is to make sure that this is the only procedure to submit URL without signing in, in case you are looking for it.

Nighter you have to log in nor submit URL every time. All you want to connect the Webmaster tool with your website and generate the sitemap automatically using a plugin. After that, all your posts and page URLs will be automatically submitted to Google.

Method 1 – Yoast SEO plugin

  1. Find and install the Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress.
  2. Connect your site with webmaster tool (With Yoast)
  3. Configure your sitemap inside the Yoast plugin.
  4. Now go to Webmaster tool and submit the sitemap.
  5. Once submitted, Yoast will update your post URL automatically and Google will keep fetching the updates.

Method 2 – Rank math SEO plugin

  1. Install the Rank-Math SEO plugin.
  2. Connect your site to webmaster tool (using Rank-Math)
  3. Configure your sitemap inside the plugin.
  4. Go to the webmaster tool and submit the sitemap.
  5. Once submitted URL will be updated automatically

There are more such SEO plugins for WordPress which allow you to do the same thing. Some plugins are All in one SEO, SEO framework, Squirrly, etc. All these plugins provide settings for sitemap configuration and Webmaster connection. Try to find it and after configuration the process of submission is identical.

Now you can follow these steps to stay away from manual URL submission to Google. Remember that in this process your sitemap should be crawled by Googlebot maximum twice in a week, but there is no certainty. It depends upon how you update your site.

I really hope this article will help you find the solution for “submission of URL to Google without signing in”.

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