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A proper plan for scheduling social media posts can make a big difference. Pre-planning before execution can reduce bugs during the benchmark. Like any other task, we perform, (specifically in terms of blogging & social media) we have to have a plan which can produce a greater result, provide us time to relax, and guess what! it reduces the maintenance time too.

How do we know scheduling social posing can improve reach & engagement?

To understand that, first you need to figure out specifically which are the regions you would like to target, whether it’s a country or a state or a particular zone. Either, if your potential fan base is globally scattered you will need to identify the mutual time frame while most of the targeted audience is online. This may sound a little bit difficult but remember this is a one time job. Once you find out the critical time barrier you can use it over and over again to reach the maximum number of people with well-planned persuasive content.

Regarding social media posting time, CoSchedule published an in-depth analysis from various resources which I believe will greatly help you to figure out the time frame. Read the article at the CoSchedule blog.

This is a compressed example from CoSchedule’s article which clusters the posting time for four major social media platforms across a week. Although for various domains and persons this can be different, the idea is to focus on how to create such a plan for ourselves.


As I mentioned earlier social media post plan can reduce your stress and help you stay away from anxiety. It gives you the joy of using social media for your good & also free up time to focus on the primary work. In my vision, social media posting should not be a boring and time-consuming task, instead it should be fun and resourceful. At this point, you need to thinking of a tool that makes your life a lot easier by executing this process almost automatically.

On the weekend you can tell the software,_

  • Social media platform for posting…
  • Day and timing for posting…
  • And what it will post (here comes your logical part and creativity)…

… and the auto-scheduler will do the rest of the work for the next one or two weeks…even for a month if you want.

How social media post scheduler can help you!

Try to pre-schedule social media posts using a good post scheduler, you will love to work with it and positive results can help you stay motivated. Afterall schedulers are built to perform the repetitive posting part on behalf of you.

… then there is an alternate theory. Some people might say, “the schedulers can decrease engagement“, “due to the scheduler’s automatic working functionality it can miss some important criteria of posting on social media“, “it can lower the reach count“, etc.

In my opinion, it’s not the case. The reason behind sometimes (good) schedulers do not perform well as well as manually posted content is not because of the platform you are using. Instead, it’s because of the mindset and vision applied behind the post by the person who uses the schedulers.

People normally set the scheduler and forget methodology where they just push out the content into social media and do not take the time to come back and check how well those contents are performing.

Continuously improve your idea while posting…

In terms of social media, it’s not just the way to push 3, 4, 5 posts per day without any proper strategy behind it only to realize that people are constantly skipping the published content.

To get the most out of your ideas you can develop a social media post plan where the strategies will undergo tweaks, analysis of what’s working, and how to do more of that, what’s not working, and how to do way less than that. Analyzing your ideas will help you discover more opportunities and you can improve your social media posting style with these opportunities.

The reality is schedulers works if you put in the work to make sure the content is awesome, engaging, and wonderful.

Now that you have a proper timing plan, and you have got your creative ideas, what else is required to put them together into work? Of course, a good social media post scheduler. Like all other resources we have in our life, there are some amazing tools to schedule social media posts very well. In the following part of this article, I will be listing these tools which I believe would be great for you.

Tools to schedule social media posts

#1. Loomly


Loomly is a new social media management application compared to other tools in the market, however, it has a great impact ever since it’s been published and updated so frequently. It is a useful tool for all parties, like if you are a company if you are a freelancer if you are a startup, non-profit organization, influencer you can have access to this tool and use it to schedule your social media in one platform.

Loomly offers great features including analytics, automated publishing, customer targeting, keyword filtering, content management, and most importantly our requirement which is post scheduling. You can either use the web version or install it on your device because it supports windows, mac, android, and iOS operating systems.

Loomly is super easy to use, easy to navigate. Before scheduling post with Loomly, you need to set up your calendar followed by setting the publishing option which offers ways to integrate tools like buffer where you are much familiar to work with. After configuring the basics you can connect your social media platforms with Loomly. Once come through these steps you can start schedule social media posts.

#2. Promo Republic


The Promo Republic can be your other choice to schedule social media posts. You will have the opportunity to choose your plan wisely because their pricing plan varies from personal to company level.

The primary aim of this software is to automate social media management and release the burden from you. As the controller, you have to provide the post and visuals in the social media posting calendar and schedule them in advance so that in time they get published in all your account. You can integrate Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The Promo Republic also guides you with their huge idea library and graphic editing tool. With this additional information, you can schedule social media to post very effectively that can drive results to your blog or website in the next one or two months. Then again the key is consistency.

#3. Hootsuite


The third tool in this list, Hootsuite does a pretty good job when it comes to setting up a social media post plan. Being a social media management software this tool has an upper hand than the previous two tools and preferred by most of the users globally.

They offer a range of social media accounts with the plan you buy, more advanced plans more social media account can be added to your profile. Like other related tools, Hootsuite also offers classified pricing plans starting from personal plans to business plans. You can also use their free plan which allows you to send 30 messages every month. Not for your business strategy but very useful for learning the tool.

Contact management and conversion tracing are two advance features Hootsuite offers that are not applicable in the previous tools. If you have especially serious social media scheduling requirements, they also offer a $129 / month professional plan and a $599 Business plan, each with additional features.

#4. Buffer


Finally, the easiest and popular tool used by many people to schedule social media posts. It operates on a freemium model, where you can schedule 10 social updates for free or you can take over the premium plan to schedule unlimited posts on your favorite platform. This tool is a great starting point for people to learn and understand whether social media scheduling is a working plan for them or not.

It’s interesting that the name of this tool is very very relevant to what it does with your automated publication. You as the moderator provide all the required information about the post and visuals and buffer then automatically publish them in a more appropriate time where you can match the time of targeted people and get the most outcome from it.

A buffer is exactly what it does technically, is a term of computer science, and related to memory streaming block by block. But here with this social media scheduler, you have more control over time 🙂 which is a sweet advantage. Anyway, with a buffer, you get the analytics of your post how they are performing after getting posted.

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Other Available Tools That Schedule Social Media Posts

There are lot more tools for scheduling your posts to publish in social platforms than what I have mentioned so far in this post. The reason I want to just list them without describing a little bit for every one of them is because they offers almost the same features where little changes in the price and design has been made.

Technically, the build quality of different tools is always going to be different and there will be a difference in performance and user experience as well. Still from a user perspective, the outcome you are going to get is the effective scheduling of social media posts.

The further list of social media schedulers:

  • CoSchedule
  • Sprout Social
  • TweetDeck
  • Semrush
  • Tailwind
  • MeetEdgar
  • AgoraPulse
  • Everypost
  • Sendible
  • Crowdfire
  • Later


With these amazing tools, it entirely depends upon you how you put them into work to schedule social media posts. I tried to summaries what you need to care about while publishing your content to social media and also provide the list of tools you can use.

So how you are planning to automate your social presence and focus mainly on creating good content that encourages people to follow what you are doing. Write to me about your plans and also how this post helped you, that would be great to hear from you 🙂


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