Can Ping O Matic Boost Link Building?

Ping O Matic is all about getting your latest content out into the world and driving more traffic to your blog. Sometimes, though, we need the inspiration to write.

Are you acknowledged that when it comes to link building there are many proven strategies available? Which strategy are you currently using for link-building?

The truth is you can use any strategy for building links as long as it’s your website. The final goal is to drive traffic to your website because links(specific) suggest both search engines and real people as a better source of information. Read about these free keyword research tools which may help you in researching keyword before publishing content on it.

The reality is link building takes some doing to achieve a positive impact. I never intend to discourage you, but even if you try hard to maintain a good link profile of your website sometimes your effort may not produce results as expected. But here is the key, I have added “maintain” which means only creating links is never called link building.

You have to create backlinks, maintain the quality of links & keep tracking + keep increasing them as well in order to maintain a strong link profile of your website. Even if you try so hard to build a good backlink profile most of the time, as it seems for us, efforts do not bring results as expected. in such a situation you are going to need a proper strategy more than time and hard work.

Did you ever think about why some backlinks that you have created never worked?

There can be multiple numbers of reasons why some of the backlinks that you have created never worked.

One of the many reasons is, if a specific page is not indexed or updated it’s indexing status on search engines database then the links inside that page won’t be discovered and the link juice won’t get passed to its targeted page. So if you have created any backlinks recently that backlinks will be verified by search engine robot when they reminded the parent page next time.

The parent page must be frequently indexed by search engine crawlers so that links status is always updated. If the opposite happens those backlinks status won’t get updated and possibly won’t be able to boost your backlink profile.


In such a situation how will you fix the issue! In this article, I am sharing one simple way which always works for me and many others as well.

You can use pinging sites that will add value to your link building by informing about the parent page to the search engine crawlers and most importantly the time you have invested building links. Pinging sites help you to manually notify search engine crawlers to index a particular page. It’s obvious that we can’t use webmaster tools for somebody else website.

And here is the key, you can notify search engine to index your guest post or any other 3rd party page from where you have recently created backlinks to your website.

There are many tools that allow you to ping search engines crawlers. But make sure to choose them wisely. Most of the SEO experts use ping tools like Ping O Matic or a premium tool like Onehourindexing to get little faster indexing in major search engines. Onehourindexing tool also offers free trial without a restriction, so you can always have a look at this tool.

Some ping tools are free to use so you can apply them to boost your link building.

I use the Ping O Matic tool for pinging after a publication of guest posts, creating a backlink, or sometimes publishing some content on the forum as well. It’s very easy to use, let’s see how you can do that too.

What is Ping O Matic?

Ping O Matic is a free tool and there’s no limitation of pinging. This tool submits your given URL to various search engines, communities, web-directories, content aggregators, and some other places with a single mouse click.

Is Ping O Matic Reliable?

According to Ping O Matic, founded by WordPress Foundation, the developers regularly check downstream services to keep the pinging process up to date. It provides a massage to us that the services are pretty legit and still working properly.

In Ping O Matic, you will not find a lot of pinging services but those who are listed works well.

How To Use Ping O Matic

It’s really easy to use Ping O Matic. All you need to enter your website name (sometimes it can be your post or page name) and the respective URL + the RSS URL if applicable to your site. After filling the information properly make sure you have selected all the available services below. Now click on the “send pings” button.

In a few seconds, you will see the success message of sending pings.


Should You Avoid Using This Tool?

As we know we can instantly submit a URL to google for indexing using the webmaster tool. But with the webmaster tool, you can’t submit or ask for indexing other website so certainly, there is no way that you can ask search engine crawlers to index parent page in order to discover recently created backlink.

In link building, the ping tools act as a booster.

If you want your backlinks to get indexed as soon as possible you have to use tools like Ping O Matic. Remember that sometimes 20-40% of backlinks remain de-indexed due to not informing the search engines. Also, for some reason the crawlers unable to find those links.

Definitely, you don’t want to put your link in this bracket where they remain silent somewhere in the deep sea of links, unindexed, undiscovered.

This is one of the reasons why some SEO campaign fails and brings a zero output. So here it the point… use ping service to get the most out of your effort.

You can find list of websites that allows do-follow backlinks in this post.

What is The Limitation of Using Ping O Matic?

There are absolutely no rules defined by these tools for use. But for a while just think about you are asking the same question to one person repeatedly! What will happen?

The person might get annoyed by the question. The same thing happens with pinging services. You should not ping the same URL many times in a short period.

My recommendation is to ping a URL only 1 time in a week. Overpiniging can increase your domain spam score.

What Are The Alternatives Of Ping O Matic?

You can use other pinging tools from time to time as well. They may feature different pinging services but the working functions are pretty much the same.

So the alternatives of Ping O Matic are:

How to Use Ping O Matic in WordPress?

Ping O Matic is a stand-alone tool and it’s easy to use. So this my first choice when it comes to ping a specific URL.

However, I found a WordPress plugin [not tested with the latest WordPress version] which works with Pingdom and helps your site to automatically send pings after every update of blog posts.

This WordPress Plugin is known as Ppinger, developed by “”. The plugin also includes all the pinging services available in the ping o matic tool.

There is another alternative way that you can use, the “update service” of WordPress settings. To do that Go to WordPress dashboard > settings > writing > update service and include the ping service URL. Click save so that when you publish a post the URL will be pinged to those services.

That all what you have to do with the Ping o Matic in order to take advantage of it’s pinging power. So what do you think about this strategy? Have you been already doing this or you think this could be a beneficial step for your blog/website? White to me about the plan… it would be great to hear from you.

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