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Like most of the webmasters, I got tired of slow loading web pages in spite of all the efforts to optimize the page speed. There’s a statement that says fast Webhost can lesser 50% of optimization work and boost the page performance almost instantly. So after using GoDaddy and Bluehost, recently I moved to MilesWeb’s WordPress Heart Plan. It was a happy migration with great support and now I’m able to achieve faster speed and better performance of the website. (You can surf around my web pages to see the result).

Since joining MilesWeb I haven’t contacted them regarding any kind hosting issue. I feel acutely special for the fast server and uptime they deliver to my website. Currently, I’m running with 7.3 PHP version which is the latest update and makes the website even faster. No doubt, I have to say that MilesWeb WordPress Hosting is very useful for any WordPress website. In this article, I will share genuine, tested reviews and my personal experience with MilesWeb WordPress Hosting and a lot of evidence from other people too.

Most of the time, when people ask questions about web-hosting, they add “My WordPress site is loading slowly, How can I improve the performance?” I have seen 10 screenshots of Facebook conversations where people ask for “the best WordPress hosting” and MilesWeb is recommended as the most useful option regarding brilliant performance at an affordable cost.

The reason I’m addicted to MilesWeb because they have an amazing support team and great technology which allowed my site to achieve great performance score and speed with lots of resources inside the pages.

In case you want to upgrade the hosting plan, which is suitable for higher traffic and business website, they will help you for free without zero downtime. Let’s see the speed-test result of a webpage that I have recently published.


In the following part of this article, I have included more unbiased evidence which certainly shows that MilesWeb WordPress hosting is a great choice for WordPress owners. Always remember that #WebHosting is still the No.1 factor of website performance. Being said that, let’s dive into the test and review part.

If you have any comment regarding this Milesweb review collection, place them below in the comment box (certainly not spam) and I will think about that.

MilesWeb + WordPress = ❤

1. Milesweb Review – By Real Users

To find absolute reviews about MilesWeb WordPress Hosting by users who are currently experiencing their service, I visited I believe this website is a secure place where I can get some honest review about our hosting.

Currently, there are 367 reviews about MilesWeb in among which 348 are positive and rest 19 are against the hosting giant. It’s not an unreal case that every hosting has some negative review for some specific case but it doesn’t prove it to be a universal process for everyone. The positive reviews itself reflect that. Some of the great reviews are,


To read all the Milesweb review you can check this page. Again in Quora, there are lots of interaction and post from people about MilesWeb. They continuously talk about the service and support team which are mentioned as very responsive and helpful as well.

However, I haven’t found enough mentions about WordPress hosting of hosting provider. Again these are more MilesWeb WordPress hosting reviews from


Lately, I have found more reviews by Sapana, Joseph and Manfred in All these reviews refer to the great quality service and support team of MilesWeb.


Here’s what Sapana said:


And Joseph is talking about the migration process of his website to MilesWeb from his previous hosting, which is really impressive to him.


Since I have provided the resource links, you can easily check all the reviews available there. These testimonials from different sources are added here in this post to prove the quality you will get from the hosting support team and their steadfast technology.

2. Why MilesWeb Is A Great Choice For Bloggers

  • They are recommended by many users who use WordPress (Read the review section)
  • They allow you to use the latest 7.3 PHP version. (check your version using this plugin)
  • HTTP/2 servers are enabled for your site (check your server here)
  • They provide a free SSL certificate with all 6 WordPress packages (Most of the hosting charge for it)
  • After switching to MilesWeb, my GTmetrix and Pingdom score improved a lot (Most important reason)
  • Great improvement with TTFB (Time To First Byte)
  • Both Cpanel and WHMCS are available to use. (Provides you deeper control on your site settings)
  • Reasonable hosting price for WordPress blogs and personal website. (Rs 69/ month or ~ $1)
  • They offer multiple (8) payment options (You won’t find it difficult to pay your hosting bills)
  • Designated WordPress support (Very active support team)
  • Automatic daily backup and WordPress update available
  • I usually get 100% uptime. (Their official page guarantee for 99.99% uptime.)
  • It’s really easy to approach their support team. You can call, email or use quick chat ( Dial +91800-717-8697 for phone support)
  • Painless migration with great tech support (I easily migrated from Bluehost India to MilesWeb without any downtime)

3. Impressive Result On Speed Test Tool

With MilesWeb speed technology and Autoptimize plugin I was able to achieve a great result on GTmetrix, Pingdom and Page Insight (Three most popular speed testing tools.) My GTmetrix report (Caching Enabled).


Here Yslow could be better but as I use Analytics, Gravatar, Rocket loader and Google Adsense, my cache-control header have a negative impact on page performance.

Note: You can use the alternative of Adsense to get rid of the problem created by AdSense ads.


Moreover, the site performed well on Google Page Insight Tool too. Here’s the page insight score (Caching enabled).


These performance scores on three major speed tester tool were greatly improved for my website after switching to MilesWeb WordPress Hosting, which of course reflect the technology used behind it. Autoptimize Plugin configuration also played a vital rule for such improvement.

I’m pretty sure that if you choose any of the 6 WordPress hosting plans and perfectly set up your favorite caching plugin, you will get a great page performance (Another great satisfaction for webmasters).

4. Speed Technology – MilesWeb WordPress Hosting

Previously, I have mentioned speed technology many times. MilesWeb’s speed technology is one of the biggest reason people choose them. They have a powerful combination of SSDs, LINUX server, Cloudflare Railgun technology, HTTP/2 server, GZIP/Brotli Compression, Server-side caching, WP-CLI and CDN support. All these are responsible for faster content delivery and fluent user experience.


5. MilesWeb Always Update Their PHP Version

Currently, the latest PHP version is 7.3. More updated PHP version means more speed. With MilesWeb you can always upgrade your PHP version to the latest one.

To update your PHP = login to your CPanel > Select PHP version > Select PHP 7.3 from the dropdown menu and click on Set as current.


6. Easy Installation (One-Click WordPress Installation)

Like many other popular WordPress Hosting service MilesWeb offers one-click WordPress installation. It ensures that the process of WordPress installation on purchased host remains easy for people. All you need to click on WordPress installer and fill up the required information and hit install.

The installer will do all the work for complete installation and you can access to your Admin dashboard. Read this guideline how to install a WP website properly with one click installer.

7. Multiple Data Centers

When you install your website on MilesWeb WordPress Hosting, they will serve your website from four major data centers. India, UK, US, and Romania. These data centers will take care of your availability across the globe.

728x90 MilesWeb

MilesWeb’s data centers use redundant storage to make sure that your website should never go down due to any kind of technical or electrical problems. It was quite the problem with Bluehost when they experienced a network outage which caused tons of error on their hosting plans.

Fortunately, MilesWeb is taking preventative measures BEFORE a possible issue occurs. Impressively, while buying a plan for your hosting you can choose your data center as well. Make sure you select the nearest one for better performance. More data center means wider availability and less downtime + added CDN service will boost page loading efficiency.

8. Great Uptime Record (Practically 99.98%)

MilesWeb has great uptime technology too. Previously, if you had any website downtime, internal server error, bad gateway or connection failure, with MilesWeb you won’t face those problems. In my case, what I had monitored my website for one month which result was just outstanding.

In 30 days the website was down for only 1 minute, which is 0.02%. So the uptime remained at 99.98%. (Too close to their uptime guarantee 99.99% )


You can track your website uptime with the uptimerobot tool.

9. Highly Classified WordPress Hosting Plans ($1 Minimum Price)

MilesWeb WordPress hosting offers 6 different plans. Each one of them is separated by the number of resources and external add-ons. The two primary categories are divided into 3 subcategories.

  • WordPress Hosting + Free Domain Name + Free JetPack Plugin
    • Ace
    • Heart
    • Diamond

Check the image below for details each plan:


The minimum starting price of WordPress Hosting plan is Rs 69/month (~$1). This plan is good to start with a possible low traffic website. With increasing traffic later you can migrate to the heart of diamond according to your website requirement.

The Ace plan doesn’t provide any free domain name but it comes with free SSL and jetpack plugin. However, the rest two plans offer you lifetime free domain name + free SSL certificate + Free jetpack version. My recommendation for a better website is the Heart plan with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage capacity, free domain name, and free SSL.

This is certainly a killer combination to start with. In case you need multiple websites in the same hosting then you can select the Diamond plan.

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  • Managed WordPress Hosting + Premium Tools + JetPack Premium Plugin
    • Jack
    • Queen
    • King

Check the plan specification in the image below.

milesweb-hosting-plans-3-1024x633 (1)

The minimum pricing of managed WordPress hosting starting with Rs 616/month (Jack Plan). This plan includes 5 GB SSD storage to deliver highspeed data transfer. Jack plan is suitable for a website which gets about 10,000 visitors in a month. Free SSL certificate and premium Jetpack plugin will be available with this.plan.

The advantage of Queen plan over the Jack plan is unlimited SSD storage capacity and 10,000 traffic capacity added. Like Jack, Queen also provides free SSL and Jetpack premium plugin.

King is the highest plan MilesWeb Managed WordPress Hosting offers. Unlimited SSD, Highly extended traffic capacity, SSL certificate and JetPack plugin with extra add-on is the advantage of this plan.

10. Earn Affiliate Commissions With MilesWeb

Affiliate is a great way for the blogger to earn money with his/her blog. Affiliate commission can make more than your native blog advertising revenue. 90% of the web hosting provides an opportunity for the people to earn a significant percentage of their sales revenue by referring other people to use the service.

MilesWeb too has an affiliate platform where you can earn up to 50% commission per single sale. The most amazing implementation is 365 days cookies which means if a person follows your affiliate link his season will be tracked till next one year.

During this season if he purchases any plan from MilesWeb you will earn your commission. This means you have a better chance of getting your reward until next one year from one single visit. Moreover, you will get 1000 INR as registration bonus to become an affiliate.

The minimum payout of their affiliate program is 2000. You will get your amount through Bank transfer or Paypal account. The commission percentage depends on the consistency of your affiliation. For 1-3 sales per month, you will get 30% commission, for 4-6 sales per month, you will get 40% commission and for 7+ sales commission is 50%.

For sure, there are few companies out there who provide such a quality affiliate program and MilesWeb is one of them. There is a comparison chart which proves that MilesWeb affiliate module is way better than other competitors in the same niche.


Final Thoughts:

Form the above scenarios of technical quality, support quality, user satisfaction one can easily determine how useful is the MilesWeb WordPress hosting including other hosting plans.

As a current user of their service, I can’t deny saying “MilesWeb is the best Indian hosting company with qualified resources, reasonable price tags, constant service that certainly creating a friendly environment to the webmasters.” If you are not yet using MilesWeb WordPress Hosting (affiliate link) I recommend trying it once and am pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

At last, all I want to know that if you have any queries regarding this article let me know in the comment section below. I will reply to all the comments.

Also, If you are currently using MilesWeb type “Yes” in the comment box. Else type “no”. If maximum comments come with NO I will provide more information to you guys about MilesWeb.

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