Get 50 Gb Free Storage From Mega Cloud Storage

The cloud storage, one of the important things to keep our files safe and share with anyone. in case, you lost some of your files but if you have stored your data into cloud storage, it will back up your files.

There is a number of cloud storage services that give attractive offers for users. As the demand for storage space increases nowadays. Before selecting any cloud storage, you need to make sure if your files and images will be safe and secure.

The mega cloud storage services provide offers for individual purpose and business as well with some sort of subscription charges. We always look for the most cost-effective, secure and easily file sharable and upload cloud storage provider.

So, we have Mega cloud which provides effective features as well as pricing. What if you get free cloud storage of 50 GB? Well, sounds exciting to grab the offer quickly.

Mega Cloud storage gives the offer of 50 GB storage for free. Now, let’s have a look at how to get 50 GB storage for free?

Steps to get 50 GB free storage

#1.Create a free account


First, you have to go to Mega. You will see the option to create a free account at the beginning of the home page. Click on Create account.


It will show to fill up the details for the account. Fill up all the details and click on Create account. You will receive an email from the Mega team for verifying email.

As you can see the Mega cloud storage focuses more on security. It intends to allow only you to be an authorized reader of your files until you allow anyone else to read them.

#2. Verify Your Email

You will get verification mail from Mega. Click the button “ Verify my email”. It will direct you to log in to your account.

They also provide the link to direct you on the login page if users face any problem with the verify button. This is necessary to complete the final step for confirmation of registration.

#3. Sign Up Into Your Account

Login Mega cloud storage

After entering your email address and password. You are into your account. It will ask to choose the desired plan. After signing in go for the free plan which has a limited transfer.


When you will click on the free plan, you will get the overall usage information. You will see the available storage will be 50 GB. The information shows how much storage is available and how much storage used.


Although you will get 2-month free storage if you will purchase any Pro plan available.

#4. Access

Well, now you are free to use your storage by uploading files and folders and share flies even with the users who don’t have Mega account.

Moreover, the interface is so easy to use for any new user. Users can easily share or upload files and folder and collaborate with any contacts they wish.

However, if you want to enhance the security then you need to download the desktop app for your device. So that you can have access to your files.

Mega cloud storage features

#1.Provision of master key


In case, if you are logging out the session, it will show up the notification “ do you remember your password?” you can confirm it by entering it.

In case you forgot your password, you will receive the master key.

Recovery master key will help you to sign up into your account if password lost. Mega cloud will send that master key to save if you forget the password.

#2. User Interface

The interface of Mega cloud storage is user-friendly. It allows secure access to the account. You will have options to get achievements.

You can access the files anytime and from any devices. Though while sharing the files with others, it will ask permission to read, read and write and full access.

Before sharing the access to anyone, you have to enter their email address to add in contacts. They will be automatically added to your contact list. However, like google drive it also allows two users to access the same file at the same time.


Moreover, the file versioning options makes your work easy. You will receive the file version if the contacts have also enabled the option. You can also delete the old version of files by just one click.

You can remove the files older than 7 days to 30 days. The option is available in the Rubbish bin clearing schedule. However, if you want to extend the period you can purchase the Pro plans.

#3. Security


Unlike other cloud storage services, Mega will provide secure link access to users. It provides two options link with key and link without the key.

If you are selecting a link with the key, it will create a URL link with the decryption key with it. If you are selecting a link without the key then it will create a URL link and generate a separate Decryption key.

However, two-factor authentication makes your identity secure. You can enable or disable the option from the setting. Mega cloud storage provides multiple authenticators like Authy, google authenticator, etc.

Users will be automatically added if they scan your QR code.

Moreover, Mega ensures the end to end encryption by design. The end to end chain encryption will protect your files from malware attacks.

#4. Plans and Pricing


Mega cloud storage provides free and paid plans as well. Paid Pro plans come with additional features such as password protection and transfer quota.

It has four plans – PRO lite, Pro I, Pro II and Pro III with different storage capacities and bandwidths. The pro lite plan gives 200 GB storage with 1 TB bandwidth at the cost of 4.99 Euro.

The Pro I plan gives 1 TB storage and 2 TB bandwidth in 9.99 euros. However, the free and paid plans will give the same transfer speed to the files and folders.

Final Words

Mega has advanced security to protect files and identity. The interface is user-friendly which ensures secure access.

The security of mega cloud storage makes it different from other cloud storage. The secure link generation with key and other advanced features will protect data against malware actions.

The cost-effective plans will add the features of protection and expiry dates. The simple steps to access the free account and get the benefit of 50 GB with the design end to end encryption.

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