Simple Guide for Installing R on Windows 10

This guide is all about installing R on windows 10 PC. Please remember that with the new version of R you may get additional options depending on added features.

R is a language and ecosystem for statistical computing and graphics. R presents a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques which is highly extensible as well. One of R’s primary strengths is that with this language well-designed graphical plots can be created, including mathematical symbols and formulas anywhere required.

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What is R as a software?

R is open-source software, it runs on a wide variety of platforms including systems like FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, and macOS as well.

The following steps will assist you on how to install R on windows system step by step.

How to download the R software?

First of all, go to the website from where you can download the latest version of R. (The current version is R-4.0.1)

The size of the software is about 81 MB which comes with both 64 and 32-bit versions.

Find the “download R-3.6.1 for windows” option or click here to download instantly.

Installing R on windows: {Steps}

Step 1: Open the R EXE file

Once the download is completed, you will need to open the (.exe) file to install R on windows PC.

Check your download folder (or downloaded the file location) to find the R-4.0.1.exe file and open it.

Once the setup is opened select your language and click on “ok” .


Step 2: Accept The GNU License

In this step, you will get all the information and license of the software. Go ahead, check it out and go for the next step.


Step 3: Choose the Installation Location

In this step, you will need to choose where you want to install the software on your PC. Happy as you go, you are independent to select any drive or folder to install R on windows.


Step 4: Make Sure You Select All the Components

Now you will need to select the components which you want to keep with the installation. We recommend you to select all the four components. (However, if you know your system bit 64 or 32, you can select it accordingly while installing the R)

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Step 5: Choose Startup Option

R gives you the ability to customize the startup which includes direct windows, a module available on the home screen, and a lot more.

We recommend not to change anything and go the next step as default.


Step 6: Select Additional Tasks

In this window, you can enable “create a desktop shortcut” and “create a quick lunch shortcut”. Make sure to check both the registry entries option.


Once you click on the “Next” button the installation will start and in a couple of minutes, R will be ready to use.


Step 7: Find and Test the Software

Previously, if you have checked the “create desktop shortcut” the R icon will appear on your desktop. However, if you didn’t check it go to your windows search box and type “R x64” or “R x32” to find the application.

how to install R on windows 8

Now open the application and it will take you to the R windows where you can do your data analysis.

Above steps are the complete process for installing R on windows 10 PC. With updated version you may see some additional contents however, would be easy to figure out what would suits you needs best.

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