10 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO Enhancement

SEO tools are a big part of your entire blog and the amount of power it brings to the blog with some decent analysis which has already been configured as multiple algorithms to cope up with our ideas.

Let’s not forward towards the theoretical explanations, and to be more accurate. In this article, I am planning to share the list of free keyword research tools for SEO Enhancement in your website.

Let’s that this topic is very familiar to you since keyword researching is the very first step popular webmasters have been recommending to the beginners who are looking to start an online business.

It’s a phenomenal experience to track, research, pullout required keywords with keyword researching tools.

This list contains my personal collection of Free keyword research tools for SEO which I believe would be helpful for you in terms of keyword researching. Though most of the tools in this list may look familiar to you, there could be something you might have not used earlier and wanna give a try.

Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO Enhancement

1. Wikipedia (Keyword Brainstorming)

Wikipedia doesn’t sound like a typical keyword research tool that we are familiar with a collection of approximate data showing how much volume does that keyword has, how competitive is the keyword, Cost Per Click (CPC) and lot more.

The reason for mentioning Wikipedia is that it helps you to discover various keywords from a primary keyword. It helps you to span your idea like a tree (data structure) and find out more opportunities with newly discovered keywords.


You can find synonyms and related keywords that your competitor may have overlooked. With these kinds of keywords having comparatively low volume and low competition rate than the original keyword you can find your opportunities for rank your piece of content on a higher position.

2. Reddit (Keyword Brainstorming)

Reddit is one of the most frequently updated social media where you can go deep into your niche. The Reddit users are enthusiastic early adopters who frequently post about the latest trends. With your keyword you can find lot of trending information and based on that you can use your creativity to craft your post or case study.

free keyword research tools for seo Reddit

Search your keyword in Reddit and as a result, you will find some related communities and some recently published posts from individuals. To find what is being posted inside the community you can join them and once you become a member you can access the recent updates frequently.

Though you may have to find different communities for different topics, the information available in Reddit will help you strengthen the background on a specific topic. Moreover, you will find a lot of related terms that will be useful while writing your blog post.

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3. Keywords Everywhere

Well, Keywords Everywhere is a very nice tool, but it is not one of the free keyword research tools for SEO anymore. Keywords everywhere previously provided impotent keyword matrices such as volume, competition, CPC and a long list of related keywords where nowadays you have to buy credit for getting those key metrics. Though, it does let you explore related keywords depending on what you have searched or typed on the search engine.

Keywords Everywhere is an efficient tool because you can see the suggestive keywords during live search and perhaps use them for your current article or use those keywords to enrich the write-up. For using this tool you need to install their browser extension and activate it with the activation key provided through email.

In case you like this too you can move to the premium version to get individual keyword matrics during a live search. Until then, this tool can help you discover new keywords that you have never used before.

4. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest provides detailed information related to a keyword that includes search volume, ranking difficulty, cost per click, average clicks on a particular keyword, age range analysis of the searcher, along with some accurate keyword suggestions. These suggestions also have their individual records that can help you to pick one or more from the related keywords.


The information about the keywords seems updated over time. You can find keyword information for different countries and thus visualize how your keyword may drive people from different countries.

The recent update of ubersuggest allows you to integrate your site with this tool by providing search console accessibility and in return, you will be able to track your site performance in a more detailed and effective way. Ubersuggest also helps you to find content ideas by fetching the top articles for a certain keyword which you can use as supplements towards your content.

5. Google keyword planner

This tool is the heart of keyword data that you are actually looking for. It can provide you information about all the keywords that are not anywhere available on the internet, well at least not for us to be more specific. Its another brainstorming tool that will help you find a great opportunity to improve your blog traffic with keyword optimization.


Since this tool is designed for advertisers you can find information such as related keywords, respective volumes, competition, lowest bid range, highest bid range with classified filtering ability. As per the current subject, your focus should be getting the related keywords and their respective volumes.

6. Keyword Opportunities

Website SEO checker is a package of multiple SEO tools with limited features with unlimited usability. They basically use Semrush API but semrush as a free version doesn’t let you check keywords more than 5-10 times which you can do with this website checker keyword tool. It will provide you most related keywords with volume, CPC, keyword competition, trend and rank difficulty. Moreover, you should get the option for a keyword overview which basically takes you to the Semrush SEO tool.


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7. Word stream Keyword Tool

Wordstream is one of the amazing free keyword research tools for SEO that might or might not have used before. I lately found this tool, only a month ago and it seems a decent tool that you can use to find relative keywords, volumes, CPC and ranking difficulty. Another unique feature it got that you will be able to see keyword statistics from both Google.com and Bing database which is a kind of cool feature that I found with this keyword research tool specifically.


You can search keyword statistics or discover keywords from a particular website, choose your industry as well (it is optional but is powerful to be more specific with keyword discovery). Moreover, you can choose countries to see how keywords getting searched in different countries.

8. Keyword Explorer (Moz)

We all know about Moz, how good and popular their features & service are! Moz would be a premium tool but since you can experience the keyword research feature partially free I should add it in this list. For a particular keyword Moz will provide you keyword statistics with nice graphical interface along with some SERP analysis. You can find keyword suggestion in Moz along with respective volumes which can be exported into excel format.


9. KeySearch

KeySearch is without doubt one of the great free keyword research tools for SEO that I have ever used. Like most other popular tools you need to pay for spacial research purposes such as tacking the difficulty for more than 2 keywords (as of now) on a daily basis. Despite, this tool gives you a graphical suggestion of whether you should pick up a particular keyword by looking at the current trend, difficulty, and overall global volume.

One thing to like about the KeySearch tool that it displays keyword trends along with the domain type (extensions) which could help you understand what kind of websites will be your competitor for that keyword. The SERP analysis it provides is by far the best result I have seen in a free keyword tool.

They give you information about whether the current rank holder’s articles are optimized or not for the keyword you are searching for. You can extract the competitor’s URL keywords, domain keywords from the ranking analysis tab.


Bonus tip: KeySearch emphasizes the YouTube keyword research tool which could be beneficial for you as a YouTuber. (Suggest using paid plans for getting sufficient result)

Also, read about Adsense alternatives for YouTube to find out more publisher platforms which can be your potential alternative of Adsense.

10. Keywordclarity

Exploring your available keyword spreadsheet can be difficult sometimes, especially when you extract a large number of keywords from keyword research tools. In such a case, clustering is always a good strategy that simplifies understanding and helps you to pick the best solution among a group of potential subjects. Keywordclarity is one of such free keyword research tools for SEO which basically cluster your keyword collection and gives you the ideal target to focus on.

They require a copy of keyword spreadsheet in order to create visual clustering along with a newly created table which order the keywords in a decreasing meaner on the basis of keyword’s statistics that the original spreadsheet provided. Further you can customize the shorting method, adjust the focus class for re-ordering of keywords, keep or removing keywords with stop words etc.


Wrapping up…

Free keyword research tools for SEO” is a child term of keyword research tools and the obvious thing is that popular keywords tools charge a good chunk of money in order to provide great service. I have collected the above tools which are either fully or partially free for researching keywords before crafting your content. I hope these tools will definitely help you in certain circumstances to overcome the need for a keyword research tool in your blogging days.

If you are aware of similar free keyword research tools for SEO inform us by commenting below. I will look forward to updating this post with more good tools that might help you in keyword researching.

Till next update… cheers…


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