10 Free Tools to Compress Images Online

Optimization tools are inevitable for faster loading of your website. If you upload full-size images on your website then it may add extra loading time of web page. That results in lesser traffic on your website. However, there are various Google image optimization tools that you can use to compress images online and enhance the loading time.

Image optimization is important to speed up your website performance. You should choose an effective optimization tool to optimize and compress images online with an advanced setting. That can boost the performance of your web site to get traffic.

List of fastest tools to Compress images Online 

1. iLoveimg


iLoveimg is the fastest tool to compress images online. The easy interface of the tool leads to finish your work just in seconds. The tool does not only strive to bring your images by reducing image size with the best quality but also concerns about the security of your archives.

It supports three formats- JPEG, PNG, and GIF. You can either select images from your computer or you can even select the images from cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You will get compressed images in the Zip folder. After downloading the images, the tool will automatically eliminate your archives in two hours in order to combat file thefts. 

2. JPEG Optimizer


JPEG Optimizer is the free online optimizer tool to resize and compress the images online. You can compass the images by selecting the compression level from 0-99. Lower compression levels will result in smaller file sizes and lower image quality.

The high compression level will result in a larger size and higher image quality. However, the default compression level is 65. The resize option will proportionally adjust the pixels and dimensions.

After completing the steps, click on the optimize button to get the new optimized image. It also allows easy access to Resize photos and EXIF data, reader.

3. Img2go


Img2go is an effective solution for editing and compressing images online. The tool allows you to drop the images in both format JPEG and PNG. You can paste image URLs or drop images from Google Drive and Dropbox too. 

You just need to select the image format from the drop-down list and choose the quality. Make sure lower quality will result in better compression. However, you will also have optional settings of quality and compression in the form of a slider.

4. Squoosh


Squoosh is the experimental web tool by Google which displays high-quality images. It is quick and easy to use. You can drag and drop the images from any folder. You can easily resize the images by selecting any of the methods or quality.

Compress your image in any standards such as MozJPEG, OptiPNG, and WebP, etc. It also provides an advanced setting which shows the resulting file size with the quantization option. Quantization option lets you see the effects which are to be added into the image.

It also allows you to use the codes outside the browser with multiple channels. The tool provides a smoothing slider and allows you to change the canvas colors.

5. Kraken.io


Kraken.io is one of the fastest google image optimization tools with best-in-class algorithms. The tool will save the bandwidth and storage space and enhance the load time of the website.

The tool offers five different plans which provide specific space to optimize unprocessed images. You can choose the plans on a monthly or yearly basis. However, before you subscribe to any plan, it will allow you to optimize the images with 100 MB free testing quota. Basically a tool’s agenda is “Try before you Test”.

Pro will allow you to drop the image by file uploader while URL paster and page cruncher are available in Kraken PRO. you will able to upload the files up to 1 MB on a Free web interface. You can choose any optimization mode even in the free web interface. While Resize image option is available in Kraken.io. 

You can import the images from any cloud storage such as Box, Google Drive, and DropBox. It also allows you to upload ZIP files. For WordPress or Magento users, the tool provides its official plugin to speed up the site performance. The tool contains flexible plans equipped with full API access, web interface, Magento extension, and Kraken cloud storage.

6. Online Image Optimizer


Online Image optimizer is the free online tool to compress images online in the required quality. The optimized images will be suitable to use on any web pages, email attachment, etc.

It optimizes the images of any format by selecting quality. You need to enter required max-width and height and images will be right in front of you with good quality. You can compress the images in bulk at the same time. 

However, the tool provides the free version as well as the professional version. The professional version costs around 29 euros having a feature of not adding watermark in images. 

7. Optimizilla


Optimizilla is one of the effective Google image optimizer tools. The tool uses the combination of both optimization and compression of images. It can only compress images that are of JPEG and PNG format.

It gives satisfactory results by providing you to compress the images in minimum size and keep them in good quality. You can compress 20 images at the same time. You can adjust the compression level for each photo individually from the quality setting.

8. Compressor.io


Compressor.io is a powerful tool for compressing images online. The tool supports four file formats – JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG. This tool provides two types of compression – Lossless and Lossy. It depends on your requirement whether you want to maintain file size by preserving file data or reduce the file size by removing some data from the images.

This tool will offer high compression rates in both techniques. You can not upload images in bulk. The single file size limit is 10 MB. This tool will efficiently reduce the file size of images without losing the quality.

9. Tiny PNG


Tiny PNG is also one of the fastest tools to compress images online. It supports compression of both formats – JPEG and PNG format. You can compress images up to 20 with the file size limit of 5 MB each.

Tiny PNG uses a smart lossy compression technique to reduce the file size without compromising the quality of images. It uses less bandwidth and loads images faster. The tool uses the “Quantization” technique which will reduce the colors in the images and convert them into a smaller size. You can even save the images in your Dropbox account.

10. Image Recycle


Image Recycle is a good image optimization tool. It supports JPEG and PNG formats. You can have 14 days trial with 100 MB quota. You will have three plans starting fro $10. These plans are loaded with various features such as WordPress plugin access, Joomla, and Magento extensions.

Developers can also use its API to build their own compression tools. The tool also keeps the backups of optimized images for a month so in case you lose the images then you just need to click on restore to get back the compressed images.

Wrapping up: Image are the biggest elements of a page. Compressing them can drastically decrease the page size. There are lot of tools to compress images however we find these ten tools very useful and effective.

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