30+ Best Plugins For WordPress Blogs

WordPress is a popular source on the blogging platform. With WordPress, it is easy to build a website by just following simple steps.

After building a website, you need to run it with efficient functions. So that your website gets quick SERP. Especially for beginners, the various plugins are essential to boost their website.

There are many plugins for WordPress blogs available for multi-purposes. However, the best plugins for WordPress blogs ensures multiple additional features in one with many alternatives. You can choose any which can suit your website’s niche.

Before selecting any plugins for your website, you have to check whether it is impacting the site load time. If It is slower the load time then you shouldn’t go with that plugin.

Even after installing the plugin, make sure to check the site’s performance.

List Of Best Plugins For WordPress Blogs

WordPress provides many plugins such as SEO plugins, eCommerce plugins, social media feed plugins and so on. Multiple plugins for WordPress blogs are available which can easily suit your needs.

The plugins are ensured to enhance the blog’s performance. The advanced features of plugins will help your blog indexing on search engines quickly. Moreover, nowadays SEO is the important thing what search engine requires. However, you will get qualitative SEO plugins on WordPress.

1. Jetpack

A blogger faces many malware actions that lead to losing the web content and database. It is necessary to secure your data and files.

Jetpack plugins protect your blog from malware actions, spams, and brute force attacks. It happens that your content can be accessed wrongly by spamming.

The plugin provides spam filtering features which will automatically avoid the spams. Moreover, you will get the regular backup of your content and push notifications about the website’s downtime.

Hence, the plugin helps in monitoring multiple websites on one. Moreover, Jetpack is also providing SEO tools that are highly customizable on any search engine. Jetpack proves to be the best plugins for WordPress blogs.

2. Social Media Feeds Plugin – Tagembed

We all know that there are ample sites on the internet, and merely having an online presence doesn’t help in generating traffic. Site needs to have some pleasing aspects. Social media feeds plugin by Tagembed is a fantastic plugin that helps you in this case. It assists users in enhancing the charm of their website and adding functionality to it. 

The plugin collects, curates, customizes, and displays social media feeds on WordPress website. It allows users to integrate with 20+ platforms, enabling them to add beauty to the website and making it stand out from the crowd.

Alongside helping in smoothly exhibiting social media feeds, the tool consists of amazing features that make the website more functional. Like, the customization feature helps personalize the social media widget by changing font size, style, and more. Moderation, custom CSS, and analytics are some of the other significant features out of many.

3. Akismet Anti- Spam

Akismet Anti-Spam is provided by Automattic owned WordPress. It is basically for protecting your site from spam comments and spam contacts. However, bloggers face many spam comments which can publish malicious content.

The plugin automatically checks the spam comments and filter out them. You can see the spam comments in status history by Akismet.

The comments contain URL from that moderator easily get the misleading or spam comments. It will discard the worst spam blocks and save your disk space. It will boost the site speed too.

4. WP-Optimize

Wp- Optimize is all in one plugin which offers multiple functions in one. The plugin cleans the database, compresses your images and caches of your site.

You can Optimize the database and offer enhanced load time. In case you lost the data then it will retrieve your data. It will clean the unnecessary data automatically weekly such as trash, spams and stale data.

You can see the statistics of database and potential savings. It will carry out automatic pre-optimization via Updraft Plus.

5. Autoptimize

Autoptimize plugin is a performance-enhancing plugin. It is one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs as it can efficiently Optimize the site.

Multiple optimization options are available such as image load time, Google fonts and JavaScript. However, it plays a major role in the enhancement of performance.

It will minify HTML code, cache and move styles and Scripts to header and footer. However, the Autoptimize Pro version supports Wevlb performance optimization services.

6. Sassy Social Share

Sassy social share plugin is mostly used WordPress social media plugins. It provides 100+ options for social networks and bookmarking services.

You can easily customize your social media icon and share counts. The plugin also provides a mobile optimization interface. The URL shortening service and customizable URL can also be modified.

7. Header and Footer

Header and Footer insert the codes in custom post type. It is necessary to insert the codes such as CSS codes, custom fonts, and social media scripts. You just have to add the appropriate HTML code.

The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce. It ensures that all the WordPress themes support this Header and Footer plugin. However, you can’t insert or execute the PHP codes.

7. Easy Table of Content

Easy Table of the Content plugin is a user-friendly plugin. It inserts the table of contents in custom post types. It automatically auto inserts the table of contents in posts or selectable custom type posts.

Multiple options are available to configure themes of the table of contents. If it doesn’t meet your needs, you can create own theme. You can customize the table of contents individually.  Many counter bullet formats are also available. Hence, it is one of the necessary plugins for WordPress blogs.

8. AMP for WP

AMP for Wp adds automatically the AMP on your site for enhancing the functionality. It accelerates the speed of the site on the mobile pages.

It provides 3 pre-built AMP layout for landing pages and business sites. The plugin is integrated with any other plugins such as OneSingnal push notification, Woocommerce, and Ninja. The comments forms are also added.

You can easily customize your written content for AMP. You will have many options for social media embed. Recently they have added many features in the plugin such as Advertisement sizes slots and drag and drop page builder. Hence, it is one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs.

9. Contact Form 7

 Contact Form 7 plugin manages multiple contact forms and mail contents. You can also customize the pre-built forms.

The plugin supports CAPTCHA, Akismet Anti-Spam and Ajax power submitting. However, the plugin doesn’t use cookies and track the user’s personal information. You just have to copy the shortcode of the contact form and paste it in the post. You can also save the submitted messages via the contact form.

10. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML sitemap is a plugin for better indexing on the search engines. It also improves the SEO to create an effective XML sitemap. It is proved as one of the best plugins for WordPress users.

It automatically notifies search engines about your recent changes in posts and new content. It basically helps crawlers to understand your site’s structure. The plugin supports all generated WordPress pages and URLs.

11. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor page Builder designs the live pages with advanced capabilities. Instant options are available such as instant drag and drop page builder, live edits and instant page load.

The features include multiple social media icons, settings for images and button designs. You can embed youtube videos on the pages. You will have 100+ WordPress templates and customized themes.

There are multiple pre-designed blocks such as testimonials. It is also effective for mobile page builder. You can also design the landing or coming soon page.

12. Classic Editor

Classic Editor is managed by the WordPress team. The plugin restores the previous classic WordPress editor and “Edit post” screen.

It has multiple settings to control your own editor pages. It includes the meta boxes, post formats, and categories. You can customize the categories or choose the default categories for all posts.

Admin can allow users to switch editors. It includes many filters as well. Action link is also available to choose any editor quickly. Hence, it is one of the efficient plugins for WordPress blogs.

13. All-in-One WP Migration

All-in-One WP Migration exports website with files, database, themes, and plugin. You can upload your site to any location just by drag and drop in to WordPress. It is one of the essential plugins for WordPress blogs.

It provides the fin/replace option in the database while exporting your site. It will help in fixing serialization problems. It is compatible with mobile devices. Even the plugin will manage the upload size restrictions. The premium extension provides support to all the cloud storage for migration.

All in one plugin needs to extend its data limit for bigger websites. You can download this extender add-on to extend the data limit.

14. MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp for WordPress provides multiple options for newsletters. Visitors can easily subscribe to your blog.

You can customize the existing forms such as comment, contact and check out forms. The plugin also supports mobile optimization. The plugin is integrated with many add-ons plugins such as MailChimp top bars, Contact form 7 and many more. You can easily integrate the plugin with the MailChimp account.

15. Smush Image Optimization

Smush is one of the best image optimization plugins for WordPress. The plugin will optimize, resize, lazy load and compress the images.

The plugin provides lossless compression of images removing unused data. An instant optimizer that will optimize 50 images in just one click. Automated optimization is available for super-fast compression and upload.

16. SeedProd – Coming Soon

SeedProde plugin provides a simple and effective design for coming soon and maintenance pages. If you are updating the site or making changes in setting then you can display maintenance pages for visitors. It is one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs.

You can customize many features available including themes. You can also add HTML and custom CSS. You will have multiple support such as BuddyPress, Multisite. However, the pro version provides many advanced features like social sharing options, Bypass links and many more.

17. Popup Builder

Popup Builder is promoting plugin for WordPress blogs. The plugin notifies the visitors about your offers.

You can manage multiple pop-ups at the same time. You can animation effect and customization options. You will have several themes for different pop-ups styles.

Even you can set the pop-ups for social media sharing. The plugin is integrated with contact form 7, Ninja forms and may more.

18. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. Search engine optimization is a key need to boost one blog. SEO leads to higher traffic on your blog.

 It can be achieved by providing a suitable tool that you need accordingly your content. Yoast SEO plugins are mostly used plugins as the best SEO boost up. Though features are regularly updated and even computable with Google algorithms.

For WordPress beginner, it’s not an easy task to have command on optimization. In that case, SEO plugins for blogs help to achieve better optimization of websites.

To get quick indexing it is necessary to go with the right keywords. The plugin will automatically optimization the keywords. It provides many options to choose keywords. Moreover, it will also show the readability score of your content.

The plugin optimizes the images with an alt text. It can help in ranking on the search engine. Hence, the Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs.

19. Blog2Social

You will require social media platforms to explore your content with targeted traffic. So basically, you need social media feed plugin which helps you get maximum readers on scheduled time.

Blog2Social is one of the best social media feed plugins for WordPress. The plugin will share your content on popular social media platforms at the best time.

You will have multiple social network options to share your post. You can easily customize social media posts with comments and hashtags.

You can share your content on social media via links even from other social networks. However, tracking of the shared post and scheduling features are available in Premium plugin. Some additional features of auto-poster, content curation are also available.

The plugin requires a 4.2.2 WordPress version and a 5.5.3 PHP version. Hence, it is one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs.

20. Woocommerce

If you are building selling websites and business purpose websites then your customer is an important part. Though Woocommerce is one of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress.

Woocommerce plugin is a user-friendly plugin as it is easy to install it quickly on blogs. It is integrated with many platforms such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, and Facebook.

The various payment option is available by credit card and assets. The plugin is highly customizable with many options for design. You can set up the shipping option by this plugin such as free shipping or flat rate shipping. Shipping can be set up by selecting shipping zones in countries.

The plugin has 140 integration with payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, etc.

woo-commerce requires a 4.9 or higher version of WordPress and 5.6 or higher version of PHP. Woocommerce is one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs.

21. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. It is essential to monitor your traffic and states of your blog to enhance the performance.

The plugin provides a real-time platform to track your traffic and position of your content. It provides advanced features of Google analytics. You can access the full analytics on your WordPress dashboard with a customized report. The premium plugin offers event tracking features, eCommerce tracking.

MonsterInsights requires 3.8.0 or higher version of WordPress.

22. Rank Math

Rank Math is also the best SEO plugins for WordPress. The plugin mainly focuses on boosting the website’s traffic. It also provides the best SEO tools for bloggers.

It gives a user-friendly interface and an auto-configuration option. The new SEO analyzer consists of many features and you can easily optimize 5 keywords in one post.

You can easily import your site’s setting from other SEO plugins to Rank Math such as Yoast SEO, SEOPress and AIO SEO, etc. The plugin also provides Google keyword suggestions while writing any write-ups for your site.

Rank Math is ensured to be the best plugins for WordPress blogs.

23. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack plugin is trusted by many beginners and developers. It ensures to provides advanced features and API.

You can submit your sitemap to search engines such as Google and Bing to improve SEO and image SEO. However, the plugin also integrated with eCommerce sites such as WooCommerce.

You can also customize your meta description and meta keyword. It will automatically optimize your post titles for search engines. Hence, it is the best plugins for WordPress blogs.

24. SEO Framework

SEO Framework plugin is also one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs. The plugin will automatically read the SEO meta tags. It focuses on security and compatibility.

 The plugin is integrated with many other plugins for the flexible functionality of blogs. You can easily import your SEO data from other plugins to SEO Framework.

 It will recognize the spam comments and keep your site secure from malware actions. You can keep an eye on your website’s SEO. It will enhance your site’s content with the focus keywords. However, the synonyms target feature is available for PRO users.

25. SEOPress

SEOPress provides multiple options on one platform. The plugin will customize SEO, boost the site’s traffic and enhance social sharing, etc.

The plugin is integrated with google analytics with various features. You can also build or customize sitemaps of images to improve the indexing on search engines.

However, the SEOPress Pro plugin comes with many advanced features such as video XML sitemap. Woocommerce integration is also offered in Pro features. Although there are many additional features in the PRO plugin.

26. Google Analytics Plugin

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics will provide you to use the additional features of Google analytics. It mainly focuses on enhancing the Ecommerce via WooCommerce stores.

You can easily track product views. However, it is only supported by Universal Analytics. However, the plugin provides highly customized stores, unlike other plugins.

The store has subscription products and Ecommerce pages with the shortcodes. Hence, Enhanced Ecommerce plugin is one of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress.

27. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

The plugin provides access to Google Analytics. As it is necessary to track the Product views and high customized store.

Though the WooCommerce is also providing all the additional features. However, this plugin is integrated with many other eCommerce plugins such as Enhanced eCommerce and Universal analytics.

Moreover, they are also starting at Woocommerce 2.1. This will be available only on this integration plugin.

28. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart plugin is also providing multiple options to users. The plugin supports many payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and 40+ options.

However, you can easily sell the products on Instagram and Facebook. The most important thing for an online store is to maintain shipping and taxes. Hence, the plugin also integrates with many carries which will automatically calculate the shipping rates and taxes.

 The plugin also provides hosting services to store online data. It includes unlimited storage, regular backups, and security updates.

29. 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo feed plugin is for Instagram feed. The multiple customized options are available for Instagram feeds.

You can also customize the size and layout of shared images. Using Shortcodes, you can easily embed the timelines on your post.

The free plugin offers a single feed on posts. However, the premium plugin provides mixed feeds on posts.

30. Mashshares – Social Media Share

The Social media share button plugin is one of the best social media plugins for WordPress. The plugin is highly customizable.

The plugin also measures the total counts of shares on different social media. YouTube video share popups are available in the premium.

There are many features that are added recently such as keep the settings backup, SEO friendly, Extra content for slider subscribe forms.

31. Avartan Slider

If you want to represent your ideas with images, texts & videos in a more creative way then you can install the Avartan slider plugin. This is one of the most effective and beautiful slider plugins I have tested with a WordPress site. Even though it is a freemium tool you can experience most of the key features and later if you would love to experience more features then go for the premium version of it.

It also supports HTML5, css3, youtube, Vimeo, and many transition effects, Drag and Drop Builder, elements animations and much more. Creating a responsive slider that makes the transition automatically is an easy task with this awesome slider plugin.

32. Shareaholic

Shareaholic plugin is the best tool for audience Engagement. Many features are available on one platform such as social sharing, analytics, etc.

it will provide multiple themes and URL shortening support. Google Analytics integration is there to track all social media shared posts.

It offers additional features of monetization of the site and mobile optimization. The plugin offers the vector share, follow buttons and share counts.

Final words

The best plugins for WordPress blogs will provide features with easy access to real-time analytics. Your website will gain enhanced performance by installing these plugins.

As these plugins also provide SEO tools to boost the ranking. It will be quite helpful for beginners to optimize your site’s content.

Moreover eCommerce plugins for better growth of your business for your blog. Even the best social media feed plugin for WordPress to explore your content on social networks.

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