10 Best Adsense Alternatives For YouTube

Since you are already here on this page, I should assume that you are looking for AdSense alternatives for YouTube to monetize your YouTube channel without AdSense.

Indeed we believe that YouTube monetization is another solid source of income. And sometime we may not want to monitize our Youtube channal with youtube’s default Adsense for various purposes. Talking about purposes let’s not dive deep into why someone may not like to monitize with Adsense, because there are personal choices and we are aware of the kind of problem someone may face if violation of Adsesne’s rule was identfied.

Talking about YouTube, I must include presenting your works, ideas, and creativity via videos is a very efficient and powerful way specifically in today’s generation. Actually, more effective than blogging since people like to see things visually and that’s the simple truth about the huge success rate of video blogging or as we traditionally say vlogging.

Parallelly, while improving their youtube channel and earning more subscribers who actually love their work and support them, the owner of the channel integrate their YouTube channel with Google AdSense to monetize and make money from the views at a particular rate that depends upon the criteria and countries, etc.

So far it works well. It’s a decent work, to be honest, you can present your ideas, share, stream and make money too until we dive deep to see how making money looks like with Adsense from a Youtuber’s perspective. And if you do so you will find that there are some rules and regulations to get your account approval then again decent rules to follow without any short of violations for publishing AdSense ads on your channel.

According to the new guideline of YouTube from February 20, 2018,

To apply for YouTube monetization and display ads, the admin must have acquired 4,000 hours of total watch time on their channel within the past 12 months and have at least 1,000 subscribers.

We understand that it doesn’t matter for everyone but especially for beginners, it’s a great milestone. Due to this reason, many video creators are inquiring about AdSense alternatives for YouTube which does not provide such strict policy while displaying ads.

Moreover, recently YouTube has reveled a statement on blogger…

Though these changes will affect a significant number of channels, 99% of those affected were making less than $100 per year in the last year, with 90% earning less than $2.50 in the last month. Any of the channels who no longer meet this threshold will be paid what they’ve already earned based on our AdSense policies. After thoughtful consideration, we believe these are necessary compromises to protect our community.

Honestly, depending on the reasons there is nothing wrong to check for Adsense alternatives for YouTube even if you have an active Adsense on your youtube channel. And even if your channel is not yet meeting the minimum requirements you can take advantage of alternatives partnership programs.

Quick note: Ensure that you have more than 1000 subscribers and you have created videos that meet the requirements of the YouTube partner program to get verified for Adsense or getting banned.

That being said let’s find out some great AdSense alternatives for YouTube which will allow you to make money with your YouTube videos (more or less).

List of Google AdSense Alternatives for YouTube

1. AdRev

AdRev is one of the popular AdSense alternatives for YouTube. It produces multi-platform technology and assistance to content owners. As the platform has popularity over 56 million videos are monetized up till with copyrights. Moreover, this platform is YouTube certified so reliable for monetizing your YouTube videos.


Nevertheless, this network also helps you to promote your channel which gets over 100 Billion annual viewers. It also protects and monetizes your audio-visual content efficiently with customized resolution and tools. All you have to submit your audio-visual content in any common file format and it scans for exact matches of your content continuously to protect it from any cracks.

AdRev pays to their clients on a monthly basis. You can monitor earnings anytime and it can be done video-by-video. The minimum payout is only $10 which is great and paid via PayPal. Their channel network will optimize your channel from time to time and engage the audience on your channel. AdRevs also guide you on how to leverage all the youtube’s features and it requires 500 visits per day.

2. Freedom

Freedom is another powerful YouTube partnership network. It is, without doubt, one of the great adsense alternatives for youtube which integrates your channel with multiple platforms and connects with other creators to improve your business. Yet it doesn’t demand any contract or commitment. Surprisingly, in freedom, there is no minimum pay-out if you have made $1 then you will get $1 via PayPal.


It also produces referral programs that boost the additional income of about 15% for one year. Also, YouTube has already given the Content ID system for copyright management. The platform also provides the digital right management team to monetize unauthorized content.

It also provides music library and sound effects to customize your videos. It is suitable for all kinds of channels. There’s no minimum subscriber required for the partnership with freedom.

3. Fullscreen Media

Fullscreen media is a global network in social entertainment. It also works with various brand opportunities to secure contracts that fit your content. It takes your videos on the next level by providing effective tools and merchandising. You can easily upload the videos on multiple platforms at the same time.


It also stores and takes a backup of your non-compressed videos. The platform gives powerful tools and customized thumbnails which will boost the SEO on YouTube channels. You can estimate the targeted audience of your channel with Epoxy. You can also create GIFs from your videos and share them on other social platforms. From the video manager, video can be edited which is to be monetized.

It has various ad formats from which you can choose which format is suitable for your video, normally it depends on the length of your video. You have to achieve a $50 threshold to receive payment from fullscreen media. When you hit the required threshold, you will receive the payment at the end of the month from the service. You can add sound effects to your videos from the music library, these features include it with other Adsense alternatives for youtube.

However, it has a two years contract. Moreover, the platform is suitable for all the channels. Fullscreen direct will help artists by engaging the audience using tools of marketing.

4. Maker Studio

Maker Studio is a digital interface that delivers high-quality brand stories and publishes them globally. Just because maker studio is integrated with Disney network, it can create more promotional opportunities to boost your video channel. There is no commitment or contract required to join the service.


This service does not require any particular no. of visits per day. Despite, it is suitable for all channels. You can collect payment via PayPal. The program provides the high CPM YouTube MCN network for the channels which meet the topics that maker studio covers.

5. Brightcove

Brightcove is actually an all-in-one video marketing program especially for the people who like to market their videos. It helps you in reaching the targeted audiences inside the platform itself, including social platforms, and maximizes the content impression with marketing automation.


Brightcove offers a total of eight products which include Video Marketing Suite, Video Cloud, Enterprise Video Suite, Player, Live, SSI, OTT Flow, and Zencoder. It also offers a solution to the publishers by allowing them to connect with the advertising companies and broadcasters, marketers, and enterprises. Moreover, It has a built-in analytics system that will report the activities on your video + you will be able to Live stream as well.

6. Facebook for Creators

Facebook lets video creators earn 55% of ad revenue in their Facebook for creator program. Earlier, they were working with selected associates and yet, to attract more video publishers to the network, this program has a great chance to expand shortly. When this happens, it can provide video publishers with a monetization platform applying revenue sharing tactics.


Facebook has also announced a new creator platform that offers exclusive tools for the video creators to creating, promoting and streaming videos. In this new section of Facebook, video makers can get tips to enhance their video-making abilities and better connect with viewers by using Facebook’s wide audience.

To join Facebook for creators all you have to create your profile and Facebook page, set up your plan, and create and share videos! Moreover, Facebook provides all the guidelines to create your content widely viewable. The Facebook creator can be a great AdSense alternative for youtube.

7. Kaltura

Kaltura’s fast Business Monetization Suite is another good adsense alternative for youtube. It provides an understanding approach to monetizing video content and delivering it to the end-user in a very effective way. There are different modules are available which you can use to enhance your videos and monetize it properly.


The available modules are ad-based, subscription-based, transaction-based and distribution. Kaltura provides unique video marketing tools that make the viewing experience more engaging with a modern & interactive player.

With the searchable chapters menu, you can easily break down a video into multiple chapters, you can give each chapter its own thumbnails and searchable title, tags, and description. Kaltura’s players can incorporate social sharing tools within the player. If that feature is enabled, viewers can share videos on Facebook, Twitter, and over 50 other social networks, sites, and blogs.

Viewers can also easily browse through chapters, search keywords, and jump to a specific time in the video where some specific terms are present. Kaltura is not associated with Youtube, it’s a standalone platform still one of the great AdSense alternatives for youtube because it does allow you to earn revenue as well.

8. BridTV

Brid.tv is an online video player platform that allows you to host, encode and monetize videos. The platform also offers free ad support and offers a fashionable technology to regain inventory lost due to ad blockers.


Moreover, the program offers a pretty stable start to your website. They will you a great chance to earn revenue from the video content as quickly and easily as possible. After the approval, Brid itself monetizes 100% of your ad inventory and shares the total revenue with you on a 60-40% basis.

9. Daily Motion

Whether you’re trying to monetize your own videos or simply interested in distributing premium third-party content, Dailymotion‘s monetization makes it easy to earn profits from a variety of streams. The producer will be able to understand the audience and income data with its advanced analytics tools.

Dailymotion Publisher

With Daily Motion’s Media Manager, you will get one automatic system for searching, filtering, and managing all the content. Its associated layout makes it easy to upload and edit videos and fully manage live streams and controlling the ad breaks and clip creation. You can consider this as one of the good AdSense alternatives for youtube.

10. Patreon

Patreon allows writers, gaming creators, visual artists, artists, animators, photographers, science authors, education creators, crafters, dancers and actors, and all other producers to get paid by running a membership business with their videos for the fans.


The revenue method in this program is really sensible. The fans pay the subscription fee of their choice in exchange for exclusive experiences. Patreon shares 90% of the total revenue is to the creator out of which they only keep 5%. There are no agreements to sign and you will hold 100% ownership of the work. Getting started with Patreon is simple and easy to understand so to easily go ahead with it.

Wrapping up:

he above-mentioned programs are great adsense alternatives for youtube which you can use to make money from your videos. Some of the programs that I have mentioned here are stand-alone and have no connection with YouTube. However, they are being mentioned here to help you find some alternative programs if your youtube journey is not satisfying and looking for somewhere else to improve.

You can look for more details and choose any of the mentioned programs to publish your videos and make money from them.

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