8 Best Online Video Editors For Your Vlog (With Images)

Consider you as a brand, trademark, a solopreneur, or maybe an up growing podcaster. When you are a professional digital marketer, you know specifically why video marketing is very essential to every content producer.

We now have a question! 

Editing cannot be taught. Developing your own taste cannot be taught.


How do we design engaging videos originally which represent our brand, without paying off thousands of $$$ for good camera equipment and most importantly the professionals?

In such a situation, you may think “Wait! Is there any alternative way?”

What it could be… the first option is to buy an awesome video editor and use it on your local PC. If your computer’s requirements don’t fit well for the software the result can be more painful while designing the video.

… and the second option is using a reliable online video editor. An online editor is something which you can use in your web browser without any hassle, sign-ups & no watermarks. Isn’t that great?

Now let’s find out what are these online video editors and how well do they fit for your plan.

We Have Picked Six Best Online Video Editors in 2019  

When the whole internet is at its peak of tools & software, searching and sorting the right tools for your business/project is difficult. I hope these 6 Best Online Video Makers will support you in that process.

Since this post is going to be lengthy, you can immediately traverse to your favorite tool from this list. 

#1 Wave.Video – Online Video Editor & Creator

“Wave.Video” is a fantastic online video editor & maker that provides small business demands to entrepreneurs, social media enthusiasts or anyone willing to make an online video.

online-video-editor-wave-video (1)

This video maker is simple to use, and many real people have already admitted that. It enables easy to understand GUI for creating professional videos! You can find more internal Q&A on their official page (Link)

Default Stock Library

With 200 million stock video and image library Wave.Video provides a grand wide choice for everyone. What I believe, this is the biggest stock library among all other online video makers.


What I like about these stock footage or videos that, even if you don’t have your own, this tool has got your back. Just about anything – from “Your Work to New York” – you will find the best footage that suits your project needs.

Video Formats

It has a total of 30+ formats and ratios. You can smoothly switch from Facebook Covers, Instagram Stories, to YouTube which is amazing and something unique that you will ever find to work so simple…yet I must say effectively.


Wave.video comes with an extended list of customization choices. The best thing is that you can upload your fonts and logos. Ability to change the text color and watermark your videos are brilliant options available in this tool.

And the preset option, they called it “Branding” which allows you to save presets of your custom colors, fonts, and logos, is also useful. However, this is not something you will never find in other tools.


When it comes to exporting options, this tool lets you share your videos directly on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Dropbox, Vimeo, Google Drive, Wistia, and HubSpot.

You can also download your video to your computer in the mp4 format. Moreover, sharing a preview of the video with people before publishing is a great concept available in this tool, like a movie trailer to excite people about it.


Wave.Video offers a free plan that allows all functionality but limited exporting options. The paid plans start at little as $10/mo.

#2 RenderForest – Online Video Editor & Creator

RenderForest is a great alternative to Wave.Video. With a couple of trending video options, this looks like a great deal to everyone who wants to set up a sweet video blog or host them on youtube. The 3D explainer and Whiteboard explainer are modern-day concepts added in this tool. 

online-video-editor-renderforest (1)

With their step-by-step tutorial on how to use the video maker tool, it’s very easy to understand their features and how powerful is the software.

Due to less number of category, I think it can be a little difficult to craft your video from scratch but still, this tool offers awesome support to create stunning videos.

Default Stock Library

Like Wave.Video, Renderforest also comes with access to “115.000 + Royalty-free Stock Footages but as free/trial users, you can’t access the library to browse. Though, what they offer in the premium version worth it.


Video Formats

No video formats are supported at the website level, but you can download the file and render it on your local computer as you want. So formatting the video is not going to be a bigger problem still we like to have that option there.


There is still room for improvement in the customization options that RenderForest provides to its users. An online video maker needs to have options like customizing logos, overlay texts, appearance, entrance, etc but I was unable to find other options instead of some basic coloring options and text style. 

If you are a beginner, this tool is still a great choice for you and enough to boost your confidence and grow skills.


You can export the videos to YouTube or Facebook directly. You will find options to download the video to your personal computer along with the watermark.


Renderforest has a little imbalance going on in their pricing, only because they have not brought the simplicity in choosing a plan that is right for you. However, at a higher price, there is enough flexibility for everybody. 

They accept great custom plans, but I believe sometimes this can lead to inconsistent pricing (Little more focused on company’s happiness). Researching before purchasing a plan can fix this issue.  With Renderforeest’s advanced graphics, pricing, and the massive stock library, no doubt this tool can be listed in the second place of online video maker tools.

#3 Adobe Spark – Online Video Maker

Adobe Spark is my personal favorite, which grants users with a couple of modern tools. Not only videos, but you can also customize graphics and web pages. Adobe Spark is a reasonably advanced tool, despite the comfort of choosing video templates.

spark-online-video-editor (1)

Spark also adapt educational programs, but I am going to focus on Spark for creating videos for this list. I would like to encourage you to check out their other products as well.

Default Stock Library

Adobe Spark comes with tons of packs which includes great templates. These videos do a great job in inspiring thought and creativity, but for 30 seconds long. More time would be better as we all want it. 

Adobe Spark has access to “Adobe Stock”, which include royalty-free pictures provided by Adobe itself. But while using them, you may witness visible watermarks.


Video Formats

In Adobe Spark there are two formats available: “landscape” and “square”. However, both are sweet and rending. I assume (since exact ratios were not declared) that the ratios are 16:9 and 1:1.


Adobe Spark works great with their pre-set templates. They’re geared towards optimizing their videos and graphics to match your exact feelings, style and most importantly the niche. Most people know Spark is one of the best tools to customize branding but to do that you must upgrade to a paid plan.


My experience with exporting videos was quite troubled with Spark. Unfortunately, you can’t download your design immediately and do so the tool takes time for the video to compress and transitions. 


The pricing for Adobe Spark gets a little bit tricky. If you’re a small business owner, you don’t want to think enough about this. You can just purchase the individual plan, and it will save you from the hassle of having to pay for every single permit you create for unique brands.

#4 Animoto – Online Video Creator

Animoto video maker has two types of services: Animoto Memories and Animoto Marketing. The 1st one is used for personalized social media events, so I would like to go with Animoto Marketing.


Like other tools that I have already mentioned Animoto assists you to use tutorials the product. Their guide is in-depth and easy to follow. Besides, when creating anything for the first time, they provide you the option to follow them “step-by-step”.

Default Stock Library

Animoto only offers a music library and templated stories. You can trim those templated videos, but ultimately you must add in the original content that you’ve either shot yourself or bought or downloaded from elsewhere. 

This means may often have to struggle with licensing your non-original content, instead of paying Animoto directly for accessing their stock library. 

Video Formats

Animoto has its landscape format with a 16:9 ratio, however, they have just launched their new square 1:1 format. 


They have in total of 60 templates for you to choose to range from content, recipes, mini photography sessions, saving the date & remarketing ads for YouTube. Animoto allows you to edit font, colors, and sections as well.


Exporting options in Animoto is quite better than other tools that I have already mentioned. Animoto offers two HD resolutions: 720p and 1080p same as two SD resolutions: 360p and 480p. They also allow you to share videos through mainstream social media, HubSpot, Vimeo, Wikipedia, mega, and many more.


The Business Plan of Animoto is $408 a year. For an online video maker to charge $400 for a service that has no library stock and reselling license wouldn’t be a great choice.

#5 Flyr – Video Editor & Creator

If you’re looking for showy templates and social media inspiration, Flyr is a perfect choice for you and your brand. If you are mainly appealing to a millennial point of view, Flyr could also be the perfect online video maker you will ever find.

flyr-online-image-editor (1)

Flyr is remarkably simple to use. All you have to sign up, select a style from their templates gallery, replace the text with your desired message, and if required adjust the background video and you are good to go! Simple and basic.

Default Stock Library

Flyr comes with “millions” of HD videos which can be used from their stock library. But free trial users are limited to download the single video they like.

flyer online video maker 1

Video Formats

Landscape, Square, and Portrait formats are available in Flyr. There was a news about they will add more formats yet It is unclear if they plan on updating or adding more.


With Flyr you can customize the videos according to your needs. The backgrounds, texts, colors, fonts and the scaling of images can be customized in Flyr.


You can export your video in 1080p SD or HD, also in different ratios (video formats). This is a better option for saving your videos. They also allow premium members to download it to your computer.


Customized pricing plans are available but I would suggest you pick the annual pro plan of this online video editor.

#6 ChipChamp – Online Video Editor

ClipChamp provides three unique products. Utilities, Create and Collect. Since video making with the online tool is our main purpose, I will be covering ClipChamp Create’s features. Create is for video creation.

chipchamp online video editor

If you are learning how to edit videos within browsers with online tool ClipChamp is a fantastic choice for you. The help pop-ups guide how to trim videos, how to add templates and other utilities as well. 

Default Stock Library

As a free user, you can use the stock videos, animated backgrounds, music tracks and sound effects with their online video maker. However, you’re unable to watch how it looks after publishing without paying for their services. Which means that ClipChamp doesn’t offer stock elements to free users.

Video Formats

Surprisingly, ClipChamp Create does not let you export in different formats and easy sharing to social media. But! They let you download your video to a computer without any charge!


I have enjoyed the multiple title transitions this tool provides. The instant playback is cool. Font selection is having a slightly lower number of options, but the good news is that you can upload your fonts” (only supported).


ClipChamp offers 720p for premium users and allow you to download your video at 480p if you are a free user. Surprisingly they do not yet support 1080p video.


Clip Champ offers two plans Basic and Premium. ClipChamp offers tons of awesome products, but due to multiple focus at the same time, some of the features are lacking its best possible state.

#7 HippoVideo – Online Video Editor

HippoVideo is a chrome extension online video editor and maker, so it does depend on what kind of browser you use. This remarkable online video editor is used to screen capping by IT specialists, YouTubers, Gamers, and Teachers nowadays.


The primary aim of this free video maker is browser recording and capturing considering that is a fairly difficult thing to do without multiple applications working at the same time. However, HippoVideo made this easy to do. All you have to download their extension to Chrome and you’re ready.

Default Stock Library

However, in HippoVideo image and music library available for free use. You can search for any keywords and select any image from Pexels and Flicker but they do not provide video assets.

Video Formats

HippoVideo enables you to export videos to various websites and the ability to download into your computer but does not offer any special ratios to their users. They provide 720px resolutions to their free customers and 1080px to the premium members.


Well honestly, Hippo Video provides a video making service that no other online video maker does, but when it comes to customization options they are lacking in some of the keys expects.

HippoVideo allows users to “Drive Video Marketing ROI” and they don’t just stop at being a good online video maker, also care about the engagement and success rates of the videos you create with them.



To export videos you can sign in with Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook also you can export to Vimeo & Google Drive. HippoVideo provides you with a link that allows you to share it with websites with the help of their HippoVideo video integration.


HippoVideo offers a free trial for seven days. Alternatively, HippoVideo split their pricing into two categories. HV for Educational purposes and Business.

#8 We Video – Online Video Editor & Creator

WeVideo is another good online video maker, especially for educational and teaching purposes. Students can create online videos in a protective cloud environment, monitored by the teacher. Storyboard mode is for K-3, Timeline is for 4-12. Around 5,000 schools in the USA have implemented this tool for education.


WeVideo is remarkable if you’re traveling or your PC is not with you but need to edit your projects wherever you are. They offer iOS access, Chromebook support, Android, Windows, or any PC and Mac browser.

Default Stock Library

As a free user, you do not have access to their 450k+ image library, and you can only use 22 songs of their choice out of total 100k+ song available.

Video Formats

Free members do not have access to change any format, but if you upgrade to their cheapest power plan, you will be able to upload horizontal and square sized videos.


The templates they provide cannot be edited and change our overlays, transitions, music, and any text we input. You can still customize your components, but if you ended up choosing a template, there is a risk of losing all your creative influence inside a video.

I believe this feature is helpful for those who have recently started and need directions and inspiration. However, the placement is risky, because this online video editor prompts you to choose a template right before you finish rendering and completing your project.


To sync your video across all formats (iOS, Android, Web) you need to upgrade to a paid plan. However, they do offer you the option to download your video to your computer with watermark. They also allow you to upload your video to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… but again… with a watermark. 


They have got a variety of pricing plans for people whether you’re a student who likes to make videos, or a large company or maybe a small business with the video marketing team.

If you are an agency that manages multiple businesses, the only plan that suits is Business, which costs $360 annually. Power users, which is the cheapest option, would cost around $59.88 every year.


An online video editor is a precious tool that we need in this age of digital marketing hike. I know the truth that there are various powerful video makers already available such as Wondershare. 

However, In this post, I tried to list out the coolest online video maker that you will ever find on the internet. For sure these tools are going to help you create your first online video without getting hassle with PC requirements or such other drawbacks to working with a machine targeted Video Maker Tool.

I hope you will find your requirements with these tools and love to use them. Parallelly, if you are aware of such other online video editors which I haven’t listed here, do share them in the comment section below. Till then enjoy the tools.

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