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Before planning to start a new website or blog, it is necessary to have a good blog name that can be memorable, unique and short. The blog name is the identity of your blog just as your name. As it represents your blog’s branding, marketing, and SEO. Your blog name should include one main keyword on which your content is based on. You can easily find a catchy blog name using a name generator for blog.

Earlier people get stuck in the analysis of finding creative blog names due to a lack of resources or a lack of ideas about their main keywords. As you have to take care of your audience, based on your blog name and the content within the blog will lead to better traffic flow on the blog.

// Just an example (can be useful while naming a “wealth blog”)


Nowadays, it’s easy to find the blog name with the help of a name generator for blog. These online tools will suggest blog names ideas based on your keywords. However, the hosting services also help you to find blog names.

For Example, our blog name is Wpblogging which includes two main keywords “WP” which means “WordPress” and “Blogging”. This blog name is easy to remember, short and it also contains keywords based on the content within the blog.

Name Mesh is one of the best name generators for blogs. If you will enter keywords and click on “Generate”. You can select the domain extension which you want along with the name. It will multiple trending, new and common results. It will also display short names, names based on SEO and premium domain names.

How to Generate Catchy blog name with name generators

To generate a catchy blog name with the name generator, you should focus on what will be your blog. That means the content within the blog. There are few things, you should consider to generate catchy names. According to those things, you can find keywords for the blog name.

Things that should be considered while generating catchy blog names are,

  1. What is the subject of your blog?
  2. Who is the targeted audience?
  3. What is your main emphasis or significance?
  4. Are you creating a blog name based on your brand?
  5. Are you building a keyword-based blog name?

If you will consider all the aspects mentioned above then you will surely come up with a creative blog name. The first step will be “analysis of keywords“. The keyword can be anything but it should suit your blog’s niche.

Analyzing keywords is a quite hard task because you can’t enter any keywords on blog name generators. We have mentioned some tips to find good keywords for a blog name.

1. Grab Compatible Wordbook

If you are going to build the blog on fashion and style whichever related to your niche then it is necessary to have wordbook of that particular domain. Here, Fashion is the domain then the compatible words will be style, clothing, designer, pattern, footwear, lifestyle, glamour, outfits, etc.


Compatible words will give less difficulty in remembrance and also create a good impression on the audience. If possible, use the unique words which are short and simple related to your niche. It should not that common which makes your task tricky while mixing two keywords in one name.

However, your task will become easier using blog name generators. These online tools will show the results of mixing two keywords in one name.

2. Brandable name

As you will find mostly brandable names that represent a particular community or product or brand. Authorized sites have a brandable domain name such as Google and Twitter. Using cluttered words in your blog names will lead the wrong impression on your readers or visitors.


For example, if your blog is on fashion then keywords should be based on brands such as styleup.com, stylein.com, and shein.com. these blog names are short and represent fashion brands. From the name it’s easy to recognize, the blog will be on fashion and style.

3. Use your name

Using your name in a blog name is beneficial as it represents your identity related to your domain and interest. If you are putting your name in a blog name then the audience will identify your interest.

It should be a long run basis because if your point of interest is defining multiple choices then it may not be fruitful for you to use your name. For example, mckeesstory.com is in the list of best storytelling blogs. It defines the author’s point of view and thoughts he is putting within the content.

You just have to enter your name and blog name generators will show you the results with various domain extensions and suggestions related names for your blog.

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List of Name generator for blog

There are many online Name generators for the blog. You don’t have to choose the blog name manually. You just have to enter the keyword which suits your blog’s content. And it will display various results based on SEO.

#1. Name Boy


Name Boy is one of the popular name generators for blogs. It is very easy to use. You just need to enter the keyword. It will quickly show the results of multiple creative blog names. Choose one of those blog names.

After choosing a good blog name from the results. Select “view details” beside the names. It will direct you on the Bluehost website on which you can register your blog name with TLDs. However, it won’t show TLDs while displaying the result of blog name ideas.

#2. Name Mesh


Name Mesh is one of the effective name generators. It will show the number of results with different categories such as SEO friendly, premium, short, mix, etc.

It will also display registered domain names. The interface of the website is user-friendly. This tool is very quick which will give various options to choose catchy blog names.

#3. Domain Wheel


Domain Wheel is one of the best name generators for the blog. It will show the result with TLDs. It provides the options of TLDs beside the keyword search bar.

After entering the keyword, you just need to click on the search icon. It will show various results with TLDs which suits your blog’s niche. If you will click on “View Details”, then Bluehost will be appeared to register your selected blog name.

#4. Panabee


Panabee is another good name generator for the blog. It is very simple to search for creative blog names using this online tool. You can also search for your company’s name and social media usernames.

Enter the main keywords of your blogs and it will show you multiple results based on those keywords. You can easily get to know about which blog names are available. The blue heart icon means you can buy that domain name. And orange broken heart means it will not available. You can purchase it from a premium.

#5. Instant Domain Search


Instant Domain Search is a rapid name generator for blogs. It starts showing the results as you type the keywords. It will display the result in three categories.

The first column will be of “blog names” with different TLDs. The second column will be various suggestions of blog names based on keywords. The third column will be Blog name for sale with prices.

#6. Domain.com


Domain.com is without doubt one of the best blog name generators. It displays multiple catchy blog names with prices for registration. As this online tool also registers the domain names, you can directly go for registration after selecting a good blog name.

Insert your keyword on the search bar. First, it will check the availability of the .com domain for that blog name. If it is not available then it will check for various domain name extensions. It will show you premium and new domain name suggestions.

#7. Learn Domain Search


Learn Domain Search gives a quick and simple online tool to find catchy blog names. After entering the keyword, you will see various results. You can pick any blog name, and it will show you the availability of that blog name.

If it is available then you can register that blog name from Bluehost and WordPress.com. if you will register on WordPress.com then you will use WordPress website builder. You can sort the result by length, popularity and alphabetical order.

#8. DomainIt


DomainIt is a powerful name generator for blog. It offers multiple suggestions based on the keyword entered in the search bar. It provides you with a purchasing option from their website itself.

It will display popular domains as well as premium domain names with the prices. You can search bulk keyword to get plenty of results in once.

#9. Domainr

Domainr is yet another popular name generator for blog. Enter the keywords and see the suggestions of blog names with the availability status. However, you will have many options for a domain registrar to purchase that selected domain name.

You can find easily catchy blog names by entering keywords on the search bar. The results will be shown on the right-side panel.

#10. Wordoid


Wordoid is one of the best name generators for blog. It will display cool and brandable suggestions for blog names. The keyword length of characters is limited to 15 characters.

This tool offers various suggestions in different languages such as French, Spanish, Italian and German. It also gives availability status besides the blog name ideas.

Final Words

These are some good name generators for blog. These online tools will make your task easier rather than analyzing the blog names manually. It will provide availability status along with prices to purchase the selected blog names.

But first, you need to find proper keywords related to your content within the blog. Mentioned tips and aspects will help you to choose the main keywords for blog names. After finding keywords, you just need to enter keywords on name generators for blog and you will get various choices to select a creative blog name.

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