10 Inspiring Astra Theme Example Sites

Themes are a very important part of a website to display your work samples effectively. It should fulfill three essential criteria to achieve a better web experience – usability, accessibility, and managing content within your site.

Earlier it was very difficult and time-consuming to design themes because traditional theme practices require good coding knowledge to embed design elements. If you want to evolute website design check this guide.

Astra is one of the best theme builders that have a wide variety of themes that you can use in no time.

Astra themes are fast, lightweight, and customizable themes integrated with many leading page builders (such as Elementor and Beaver Builder) and Woocomerce.

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Previously I have published WordPress portfolio themes to build your next personal website.

Inspiring WordPress Astra theme examples

1. EasythemesPacks 


EasythemesPacks uses Astra for the base theme. Astra themes are designed by many integrations with various leading page builders. It sells a variety of Premium Elementor Templates for about $49. You will easily get the perfect template that will suit your website’s niche whether you are building a website on a beauty blog or a fitness blog or a travel blog.

As you can see they are using World’s leading WordPress Page builder for page designs, the templates are easily customizable without any coding. You will have lots of customizable widget options from basic theme elements to Pro theme elements.

2. Netweeb


Between displays a variety of templates in their portfolio. The web design agency uses Astra as a base theme. No wonder, Astra themes offers fast, lightweight, and customizable themes. Hence it uses Elementor for designing seamless templates. It focuses more on usability, displaying clear information, and easy access to links for users rather than the aesthetics of websites. 

It has a huge virtual store in which you will definitely find the best templates to build your website. It will also provide you templates in your budgets. Customizable widgets in the template will give a seamless interface to your website.

3. Honest Pixels


Honest Pixels is a classic styling web design agency. It also uses Astra for building a potential brand strategy. It aims to provide better usability, accessibility, and satisfaction to users. Now it’s easy to shape a seamless interface by using customizable elements on websites.

Honest Pixels uses Beaver builder on the top of Astra. This drag and drop web page builder lets you design creative theme templates. You will have various theme elements to design the perfect theme which suits your blog’s niche. It will shape your site which leaves a lasting impression on your users by enhancing the web experience.

4. Schema Pro


Schema Pro is a WordPress Plugin to create schema markup easily. It has been designed with the integration of Astra and Elementor. It’s very easy to make a rich snippet effectively by adding more information and catch the eyes of visitors.

This is one of the good examples of Astra themes that features effective site layout by using various customizable elements available on Astra. You will have a good web experience by checking its seamless interface. Schema Pro has an attractive theme that also offers better accessibility.

5. JefferyBetts


Jeffery Betts has designed his site by using Astra and Elementor. It is really important to achieve the usability aspect by using design options and layout properly. It is another great example of Astra Themes.

From layout to Astra Widget, he has kept the theme simple and easy to access. He has used Elemntor for basic design elements. The blog page background is kept very simple by displaying some work Portfolio.

6. Stone Sources


Stone Sources features a construction material brochure that is built with Astra themes and Beaver Builder. You will see Astra’s sticky header on the top of the landing page and sliders. The arrangement of the Box layout makes the look more effective.

The color and background are kept simple and light. The heading tags are used with a different color than the sticky header so that you can easily access the info list of sub-categories. Hence, it is also another example of Astra themes which depicts how you can use the Astra theme features effectively on your site too.

7. Dream & Co.Travel 


Dream & Co. Travel has used Astra to make the theme more effective by using its many features. It has also used Elementor for designing the landing page. Astra’s padded site layout makes the main web page more attractive. It is important to make a travel blog simple and catchy by using natural images.

You will also catch easy link accessibility to the pages within the website. It has used the Astra customizable widget elements very well. Astra’s wide Footer Bar option is utilized to manage the newsletters and other content.

8. OrlandoiX


OrlandoiX is a conference site that uses Astra Theme features and Elementor page building. The landing page is designed using elementor along with the video background that looks really catchy to users.

The main web page is kept colorful by using a grid layout in adjusting images. They have used containers in the box layout. You will see the stylish page pagination at the bottom of the section “Blog”. The footer bar is kept simple with the newsletter not loaded with the content.

9. Bacon Scouts


Bacon Scouts is built with a Wocommerce store using Astra and elementor for the theme design. In the first look, you will notice Astra’s sticky header on the top of the website. The grid setting displays the products that are best for Wocommerce features.

It is really very effective to advertise your product by embedding videos of review. They have used the Elementor widget to embed the videos in the middle of the web page. However, the bottom footer bar is quite wide full of lots of content but it is managed well.

10. Duke Richards Interiors


Duke Richard Interiors is a site displaying the interior brochure. In the first eye, you will notice the main web page with full information along with images. However, the images along with content are adjusted so properly that it makes the great and light look.

Astra’s padded layout has made the look more classy with the interior background image. However, the main web page is just right below the padded layout. You will see Astra’s Sticky header which is most common but effective to give simple look with easy accessibility.

Astra themes are fast and light but you use an upgraded hosting to get the best out of amazing themes like Astra, GeneratePress, etc.

I always prefer to use Siteground when it comes to Webhosting because of its quality and speed. Hopefully, Siteground has affordable manage WP hosting plans and this is the major reason I would like to recommend people to use Siteground hosting.

Wrapping up

Astra provides various design elements, widgets, and ready-made customizable templates that you can use very easily while designing. These are the few best Astra themes examples that are efficiently designed by Astra design tools.

It has been integrated with leading page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder that provide a variety of design options. I hope this article will help you find the design for your website with Astra theme installed like one among them.

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